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It may not have won a place in the New 7 Wonders of the World, but Stonehenge is a Wonder of the World in its own right, in ways more than one. Having seen it only in photos and before seeing it in person, I admit I didn’t use to feel excited about it…until I […] Read More

Garden of Memorial Norwich

Beyond these gates lie the victims of the air raids in Norwich during the Second World War. Walking reverently on the new-mowed soft green grass and reading their names, I sometimes gasped at the differences in their ages. Some have lived a full life, others were still in their prime, and a number of them […] Read More


On my first visit to Wex Photographic Shop in Norwich, I was particularly drawn by the Canon Powershot SX50.  I love photographing birds, and one of my wishes is to photograph an owl in the wild. I have a Canon 1100D that came with a standard lens, plus a Sigma 18-200mm, which is good enough for photographing […] Read More


“Around 100 acres of lavender fields” was the first thing that I read about the “famous” Norfolk Lavender. Boy it’s huge! I was overwhelmed at the prospect of getting lost in the middle of a massive field while photographing hundreds, perhaps, even thousands of lavender rows. When at last I found out that it was just one bus […] Read More