30+ Things Im Going To Do When I Get to Sicily

101 Things To Do In Sicily

Finally, after two years Im travelling again to Sicily, where some of the things I could only dream of can come to reality. I will be staying for three weeks and though it sounds long enough it actually isnt because when youre on a holiday time flies twice as much faster than itself. Anyway, there are so many things I have missed in Sicily. It is like a twin of my motherland to me but at the same so different in many ways. It is where my childhood years are replayed in a different setting. It evokes so many nostalgia, no, deja vu.

Nevertheless, without further ado here are 30+ things and possibilities I will do on my three week stay in Sicily.

  1. Smell the scent of almonds and feel the pricks of the fichi dindia once again.
  2. Get bemused when the  Italians talk with their hands. Sometimes no words, just gesticulations and they understand without even looking at each other. Though devoid of any idea most of the time, I find it really entertaining!
  3. Enjoy the foods that are superb — the bread and pasta are cooked with such great care, passion and love with the intention to make me relish every bite and not to rip me off. Yes, in Sicily (read Italy) every mother is a gourmet.
  4. Exclaim with delight as soon as we approach Niscemi a few miles from the distance.
  5. Eat arancini on my first day.

    Vegan Arancini

    Arancini is made of rice ball with ragu filling.

  6. Go and see nonno and nonna, zii and cugini, padrino and padrina to let them know Im in town.
  7. Shake and nod my head when they try to converse with me in their native language, then blame my husband and his sister for not teaching me how to speak Italian.
  8. This is where things go unfavorable with me when they give up talking to me so I will ravage my boredom with my book Think Big which Ive been saving for this trip.
  9. Take Francesco and his nipote to go picking chestnuts and pine nuts in the forest.
  10. Pick olives and take them to the cold press shop.
  11. Roast some of the biggest olives I could find.
  12. Pick almonds and crush them until my hands get sore with too much hammering.
  13. Walk to and fro in the greenhouses and admire the flowers of all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  14. I know its not the season of figs but I will try anyway to check out the trees if per chance I might find one or two.
  15. The same is true with the prickly pears but I will give it a try to look for a remnant if Im lucky. If I fail, I know I could buy some from the fruit vendors anyway, I hope!
  16. Climb the mulberry tree and feel like a child once more.
  17. Go on the rooftop of Casa Verde to see what I could see.
  18. When they burn the branches cut off from the olive trees, Ill pretend its a bonfire night and run around it with the girls in tow.
  19. Visit the local Natural Reserve to forage for mushrooms and stand next to the oldest cork tree in the area.
  20. Try to get online using my data while on roaming so I can check how many people have liked and commented on my Facebook photo or status.
  21. Go to the market fare every Thursday and check out cheap stuff I could bring back to England.
  22. Hang the laundry in the open terrace to dry them under the sun — something I could never do here in Norwich for lack of space and sun one way or another.
  23. Take photos of the flowers, dewdrops and sunrise or sunset if Im lucky.
  24. Buy some cavagna (home-made fresh cottage cheese) to eat with bread, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh salad leaves from the farm.
  25. Pamper my palate with Sicilian delicacies.
  26. Sicilian delicacies

    Delicious greetings from Sicily

    Niscemi is a town built around AD 1500. Ever since my first time to set foot here, I have never taken photographs of its historic buildings. Now is the time to do so.

  27. The neighboring city of Piazza Armerina is known for exceptional mosaics which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It will be worth seeing as well.
  28. Aggrigento is another city nearby which is high in list of places to visit because of its impressive Greek ruins.
  29. I wish I could also have a chance to revisit Ragusa and Siracusa but Im afraid I dont have enough time. Oh, well, I could visit nearby towns like Donna Lucata to see the flower auction trade instead.
  30. Of course, I wont forget to buy brioche that is chock full of nutella inside I would need a plane bread to eat with it because its too sweet for my mouth.
  31. Then there is the local home-made ice cream that tastes better than hagen daz but not as expensive. Ill make sure Ill have some of them too.

These are just some of the things I will do when I get to Sicily. I may do more or less than I have enumerated but at least I have a list of what to do.

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  • Lot

    First of all, Im green with envy. Im only saying it to you because I know youd understand without thinking of me in a negative way. Haha! Well I really am! Makes me wish I had this exotic Italian BF who will whisked me off to these amazingly beautiful places and get to see these sights youve just listed off. Oh what an adventure itll be.
    My tongue could actually taste the almonds and the chestnuts. Oh how tasty theyd be especially if theyre roasted. And the breadand the pasta. Thats what I so miss in Italythe pasta. I actually do the rounds of the Italian restos here when Im craving for pasta and I couldnt find (so far) the taste that is authentic Italian so Im always left in disappointment:-(
    I have no idea what arancini taste like but just knowing youre looking forward to eating them makes me want to try them too. And picking olives yourself ( I just buy them in the groceries here) is just so exciting and then have them cold pressed(I happen to use olives as my bread spread as Im not really into nutella )and then going around the bonfire using their cut branches as firewood. Zyrel would totally love to do the rounds with you. Hes got a fascination with bonfires.
    And the fruits, the pears and I hope you find some figs this really makes me jealousand most of all, the home made ice cream makes my mouth wateroh Jemsenjoy your Sicilian trip . I will just read your detailed posts and then Id ohhhh and ahhhhhh at the pictures youd share.

    • Jem

      Hi Te Lot, Ive got a few photos already. Much of my time in the farm is spent in picking olives and almonds and crushing the latter as well. Arancini is sort of risotto but made into a ball and then deep fried. I have made them at home and they were vegan. I really wish you could take part in my Sicilian holiday. Oh well, someday and hopefully wit Zyrel. :D

  • Lyn

    You sound yummy I begin to drool LOL! But thanks to you, for these brilliant ideas. My nieces Kaye and Rya deserve a holiday treat and I guess well have a naughty day together and make their Dad and Mom really really jealous! hahaha

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