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5 Reasons Why You Must Take a GoPro Hero On Your Next Travel

gopro hero

What Can GoPro Hero Do that Even the Best DSLR Camera Cant?

There is no question that DSLR cameras get high quality photos but unless youre a pro and you had a top of the range video camera, that sort of thing that BBC use for documenting anything, then there is no way you can capture the best moments. Well, unless you are lucky enough. Most, if not all, of the times, the best moments are fleeting and happen only in a few seconds. By the time you remember to film them, theyre gone.

Thats where GoPro Hero comes to the rescue. You can capture those fleeting moments while you are busy fiddling with your handheld camera. In a moment, you can be a pro, a hero or both.

Take it with you when you are biking, hiking, trekking, jet-skiing, zip lining, island hopping, bird watching, seal watching, sunset-chasing, exploring a new city, surfing, snorkeling, sky diving, skating, skiing, whatever you do, GoPro is indeed your Hero.

5 Reasons why go for a GoPro Hero

Apart from the activities mentioned above, there are many more reasons why you  must have a GoPro Hero as part of your adventure.

1. Just set it and forget.

Once set up, you can forget about it and it will do the job for you. With a GoPro Hero, you can focus on other stuff and not worry about missing an epic moment that you could have missed while preparing a handheld camera such as DSLRs or camera phone.

2. Space saver and light.

With  3.9 x 5.3 x 33 cm dimensions, weighing only 381 g, GoPro is just slightly bigger than a match box, and because you can strap it on your head, arm, or leg it doesnt take up a space in your bag.

3. Water Proof

Integrated into a rugged, waterproof housing, GoPro Hero is perfect for underwater activities or any activity that involves getting wet.

4. Takes quality videos

Built specifically for taking videos while on the go, GoPro Hero takes high-quality videos (1080p30 and 720p60) and 5MP photos up to 5 fps.

5. Enjoy the scene with naked eyes while filming it at the same time

The problem with those handheld video camera is that you need to look at the screen because your hands could move up and down and the subject gets out of focus. With GoPro Hero, once its strapped on your forehead, it will stay there. Just dont forget to turn it on.

Which GoPro Hero is Best for You

Depending on your budget and purpose, GoPro Hero comes in different prices and features. Check them all below.

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About the author: Jem loves to try new thingsas long as they dont involve risks. As a little girl, she used to daydream travelling around the world, but taking in consideration that because of poverty, it was just a pure fantasy. She was aware of the fact that it was an ambitious dream. Nevertheless, she contented herself reading books about places and learning about geography. Well, look whos globe-trotting now!

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