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Protect Your Skin from the Sun Without Causing Acne


Skin cancer has become one of the most common forms of cancer over recent years.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2008, nearly 60,000 people were diagnosed with melanoma in the United States, and over 8,000 of those cases were fatal. Because skin cancer is such a serious condition, it is extremely important to protect your skin from the suns harsh UV rays. However, this is easier said than done if you suffer from acne. Are there any sunscreens on the market that will provide protection from the sun without clogging your pores and triggering a breakout?

Why Do Pores Get Clogged in the First Place?

The truth about your pores is that each one is a hair follicle through which oil is distributed to the surface of your skin. That oil creates a layer of protection from free radicals and harmful toxins for your skin while also keeping your skin hydrated and smooth.

However, those follicles become clogged when they produce excess oil; the excess oil becomes a collector on your skins surface and drags in dead skin cells and dirt and becomes clogged. When those pores clog, acne forms.

This is the reason for keeping your face clean and exfoliated: you will wash away dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil and thus remove any opportunities for your pores to clog. Often cosmetics, unless they are specifically formulated to fight acne, can leave residue on your face that gets caught in your pores and worsen your acne; unfortunately, sunscreens can also be guilty of this.

How Can You Find a Sunscreen that Wont Clog Your Pores?

Luckily, finding a sunscreen that will not cause acne is not very difficult these days because there are so many different types of protective sunblocks designed for people who have all types of skin.

You should begin your search for your perfect sunscreen by checking product labels for the word noncomedogenic. Simply put, this means that that product will not clog your pores. Skin care brands such as Neutrogena have manufactured quite a few noncomedogenic sunscreen products, so keep your eyes peeled for those during your next trip to the drugstore.

Another phrase you should look for as you peruse the aisles for a great skin-friendly sunscreen is oil freeparticularly if you have oily skin. The last thing you need is a sunscreen that leaves your skin feeling greasy or slimy, for that oily residue will undoubtedly find its way into your pores and cause even more acne. The company Paulas Choice is another brand that carries sunscreen that will not aggravate your existing acne.

There are even some sunscreens available that will do more than avoid causing acne; they will actively eliminate your existing pimples. Sunscreens like this contain anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid that will help clear your complexion while they protect your skin both from the suns damaging UV rays and from future breakout-causing oils, dirt, and impurities.

Spend Your Summer Acne Free!

You no longer have to decide between clear skin and safe skinwith the right sunscreen, you can protect your skin from both the sun and acne!


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