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A Brief Encounter with Disney Princess Lea Salonga

A Brief Encounter with Disney Princess Lea Salonga

A Brief Encounter with Disney Princess Lea Salonga

Clad in a simple white shirt and jeans but radiating an immaculate beauty nonetheless, Lea came to my apartment one day and we chatted about trivial stuff that matter to each of us. With her pearly white teeth, Lea smiled all the while, her carefully chosen lipstick complimented her natural-looking make up.

She chuffed excitedly at my newly-bought oriental ornaments and joked, Im going to wrap a boyfriend for you!. Her perpetual smile was highly contagious.

Resting her arms firmly on the edge of the top bed of a double decker bed and lifting her body up, she said she wanted to tone her biceps and triceps. I told her what my gym instructor taught me when I first came to the UK. Listening intently to my suggestion, she gave me a sense of being appreciated by someone whom everybody looked up to. Her down-to-earth personality made me admire her even more than I already do.

Walking over to my kitchen, she took off her left sock and I burst in rapture when I saw musical notes on it. In a highly-spirited tune, I told her about my scarves with musical notes and grabbed them from the scarf hanger to show her. Accommodating my exuberance, she took her phone and photographed my musical scarves. She repeated what she said earlier, Im going to wrap a boyfriend as a gift to you. She made me giggle like a teenage girl who is titillated at the mention of her crush.

I would never have thought Lea Salonga also liked socks with music notes. I know shes a world-renowned singer and to find this common ground with her seems unbelievable.

Oblivious of our surrounding, we were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Realizing it was my alarm clock, I quickly turned it off, but my apartment and Lea also disappeared with the sound of my alarm.

Image By Marky 198 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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