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A Romantic New Year Sunset in Hunstanton, Norfolk

Romantic sunset in Hunstanton

When you have waited all year just to watch the sunset on the beach, youll do whatever it takes even if it entails painfully frozen fingers.

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” ~ George R. Martin

Thats exactly what I did on Day 2 of the year 2015. My kind friend, Paul, offered to give me a lift to Hunstanton and it happened to be a sunny day the day after New Year. The night before, I had a last minute change of mind to go to Cromer to watch New Year Firework at the beach because the wind was too strong. I thought that if it was windy in Norwich, it would be gustling in Cromer. I didnt think the same for Hunstanton, though.

Well, I didnt have any regret. Along the way, my eyes feasted watching flocks of birds in the fields. I even spotted a couple of hawks. In winter, Norfolk welcomes hosts of migrating birds from the Scandinavia; thats another reason to visit the west coast, especially for bird watchers.

Hunstanton Beach

Hunstanton Beach

It was mighty windy and high tide when we arrived in Hunstanton. I didnt bring gloves because when Im photographing I dont seem to feel the cold at all. When I stop only then I become aware of all the other sensations like hunger, thirst, cold, etc.

Hunstanton Cliff

Hunstanton Cliff

When twilight falls this cliff transforms into a silhouette that adds a dramatic story to a photo just like the one below.

Hate it or like it — I prefer the latter — even in winter amidst the cold crisp air, Hunstanton hasnt  lost its charm. I dont like winters but sometimes it gives beautiful elements that no other seasons can. For Hunstanton, I forget my hatred for winter.

Quote about Sunset

Hunstanton Cliff at Sunset

Earlier on, I photographed the waves with an ND Fader Filter and forgot to remove it. When sunset came, this is how it looked. However, the silhouette of a mans face watching the sunset paints a thousand words.

Couples at the beach

Couple at Hunstanton Beach

The best highlight of this photography trip was when a couple, appearing from behind me, walked hand in hand toward the sunset. This should be my ideal night out, just like the one in Paris but my other half doesnt share the same interest as me.

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About the author: Jem loves to try new thingsas long as they dont involve risks. As a little girl, she used to daydream travelling around the world, but taking in consideration that because of poverty, it was just a pure fantasy. She was aware of the fact that it was an ambitious dream. Nevertheless, she contented herself reading books about places and learning about geography. Well, look whos globe-trotting now!

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  • Always On My Mind Feb 2, 2015

    Those photographs look like the real sunset. You must be a pro.
    Entice your husband to walk with you along the beach and watch the sun go down together. Let him imagine the first time you dated
    Another piece of beautiful writing.

    • Jemina Sentina Feb 2, 2015

      Oh you are so kind. Thank you so much for your compliment. I am not a pro but a wannabe. Hopefully, one day I would successfully entice him to walk with me on that beach. I would need a photographer though. :)

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