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Exploring Norwich: A short walk by the quay

It was a classic Norwich summer weather. The sky was overcast but the sun occasionally came out to cause River Wensum to shimmer as I took photographs.

I went out to take photos of some of the medieval churches in Norwich but when I came home and checked the quality, I was dismayed. Nevertheless, I came to two small but interesting discoveries. I walked for half a mile from Oak Street to Colegate and counted five of those  churches. Thats one church every hundred meters or so! I wondered how many people there were in Norwich during those times and everybody must be going to church back then.  How I wish I could travel back in time and see how they lived hundreds of years ago in this great city, dubbed as second to London in greatness during those years.

Bales at Quayside


A story by the quay.

The other discovery I found was the quayside walk. I always pass this bridge on Magdalen Street but never bothered to stop and take a walk beside the river.  I thought there was nothing worth seeing there. Today I took my time and realized how much I have been missing all this time. I never really saw these bales despite how many times I have crossed the bridge. What, have I been blind?

balesThe bales with names representing some of the people who lived and worked at Quayside. I took time to read the names on each of them and imagined how busy this Quayside was some 200 years ago.

More views beyond River Wensum

houses_by_the_quayLooking across from the Quayside walk, I noticed this reflection of the houses on the river and I did marvel at how relaxing this place could be. I realized how picturesque the scene can be if one go there at the right time the with a camera. When I was taking this photo the sun light through the clouds was too bright but the reflection looked greatonly my camera wasnt.


I was commissioned by Mr. Husband to be back home by around half ten but I lost track of time and went on walking taking photos until I got to the end of the walk and found St. James Mill beyond the second bridge. That building on the far right is one of the 12 Heritage Buildings of Norwich. I admit, I have never seen it before this day and I have been here for five years.

This walk at the Quayside has really been worthwhile and it made me feel I have accomplished so much in just a few minutes.

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