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A Trip to Eden Project that is!

Dahlias in all sorts of shapes and sizes

And so it happened that on the 26th of July 2014, we left Norwich to embark on an unforgettable journey.

I said we because I was not alone; and all of us there were three my husband, my sister-in-law, and me.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise.

But its Sabbath! I protested when my husband announced the news to me.

Well, traveling and enjoying the nature, we would be.
So agree I did and what a sight I would see!

From Norwich to Cornwall was a seven-hour drive.
We woke up early and left at seven thirty-five.

Pink Poppy, I couldn't resist to photograph

Pink Poppies I couldnt resist to hold in my hand.

At Stonehenge we would drop by and see the awesome sight.
The satnav speculated half an hour early we would arrive.

But in a traffic jam we were caught
as hundreds of other travelers on that day decided
they too might see this ancient burial site.

Red Poppy with white border, something I never saw around me

Red Poppy with white border, something I never saw around me

When at last our eyes have soaked up the wonder they beheld
Back in the car we packed ourselves off to yonder field.

On rolling hills and grassy meadows our eyes ever feasted
Grazing sheep and cattle, but not a deer we spotted.

Camia: A tuber with a sweet fragrant smell. We used to have these around our old-fashioned pump.

Camia: A tuber with a sweet fragrant smell. We used to have these around our old-fashioned pump.

The sun was getting lower, when we arrived at our stopover.
In Totnes, Devon we stayed for the night

Wearied from traveling, our strength there we would recover.
Such a delightful market-town we would have loved to discover,

But alas, the night was getting deeper.
On the morrow is another day and another place to wander.

Dahlia with busy bee

Octagonal Dahlia with the ever busy Bee

The trip to Eden Project was as exciting as the day before.
Beautiful scenery our eyes did explore.

My heart swelled in joyful songs of rapture
At a new kind of environment from what I used to encounter.

Eden Project Landscape

From a Dunghill to Breathtaking landscape

The site of Eden of Project, we got there finally.
But the road signs leading to the reputed garden
To my opinion were not done properly.

Dotted Lilies

They look like Cheetah Lilies

The car parks were full when we arrived at ten in the morning.
So to the farthest lane we went even if we were whining.

It was a bit of a walk but our enthusiasm was not dwindling.
Along the tracks were signs A T-Rex is on a loose, Oh how exciting!

Rainforest Dome at Eden Project

The Rainforest Dome housing trees and plants from Asia and Africa

At last the domes appeared in view.
Oh so many people taking pictures, on a queue.

Such a huge place, how they managed to do it, I wondered.
For it was rubbish dumping site, but a beautiful garden it was converted.

Busy Bee on a Flower

Busy Bee

Outside the domes were local flowers, they didnt need the special protection
The snow and hailstone, they can withstand without a question.

Don't know what they are called but they sure are a wonder to behold

Dont know what they are called but they sure are a wonder to behold

The Rainforest Dome I chose to visit first
Palm trees in all sorts of shapes and sizes
But not a coconut to quench my thirst.

Cashew Nut

Cashew Nut hanging outside the fruit

Fruit trees so familiar, they made me grow with wonder.
Bananas and papayas, even the camia flower.

Next off we went to see the other dome
Where Mediterranean plants there found a home.

Olive trees and aromatic Italian herbs
People say they are good to maintain a nice curve.

I could go on and on forever.
But I think I better stop here.

The traveler, exhausted but exhilarated

The traveler, exhausted but exhilarated.

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  • Nole September 15, 2014, 1:58 pm

    It is obvious that all these still life subjects where most are flowers reflect ethereal femininity. Your words are artistically crafted and beautifully sutured by a brilliant mind emanating from you. BRAVO!!!

    • Jem September 18, 2014, 5:10 am

      Aw you make me blush as red as beet. Thanks for stopping by Kuya Nole.

  • Lot September 15, 2014, 10:08 am

    Ayaaaaa, I didnt know you did the Eden Project with the Stonehenge. I am actually turning green with envy. I am intrigue with the enormous garden which was once a refuse pit. Wow, talk about natural recycling. I can also understand why you want to see Keukenhoff. But I discovered that the biggest man made garden is in the most unusual of places and they gave it an appropriate nameTADA!!!!!!! The Miracle Garden which is located in the heart of the EmiratesDubai. So now Jemina, because you made me envious with your tour to the Eden Project, Im going to retaliate by making you gush over when I finally visit this garden in Dubai. Hahaha .just kidding.

    • Jem September 18, 2014, 5:12 am

      Oh dear! Please wait for me, Te Lot! Dont go there on your own. You need a professional photographer to capture the magical moments. LOL!

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