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And then we learned about “Meet & Greet”

Going to Sicily used to be a very wearisome trip for me and hubby. Because Ryanair always flew at 6AM, we start off before midnight leaving home to catch the bus to Stansted airport. We get there at 1ish AM and walk around the airport trying to find an empty chair or a  spot out of the way to stretch our legs or lie down if we could. Oftentimes, we we’d spent an hour or two to find one. We couldn’t catch a later bus because we’d miss our flight. We just had no choice. Renting  hotel room was never on the agenda. The same ordeal was almost the same on our trip back home although we didn’t have to start before midnight. Ryanair departs from Palermo at mid morning.

Depending where we are going next, it’s another half-day trip or more before we get to our final destination. We’d stop along the way to have meal, visit places of interest or pick some nuts. By the time we get home, I was sapped of all my energy.

Then a friend recommended that we use “Meet and Greet” facilities. Oh, how I love ’em!  I mean, who wouldn’t?  We’ve always been told airport parking cost an arm and a leg and we were both unwilling to get handicapped. Surprisingly, the fees are reasonably affordable. Some meet and greet you at the airport terminal, others pick you up with a van to and from the airport, while parking at the airport is accessible by shuttle bus.

Anyway, since we found out about Meet and Greet, travelling has never been the same. We became more relaxed and worry free

Handy tips

  • Make sure to book in early to get a good deal.
  • Do some research to find the best deal within your budget.
  • Take note of your mileage and/or fuel meter before leaving your car behind.
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