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Can I change my name on Ryanair for free?


Yes, you can! See how to get Ryanair change your name for £10 or even FREE and scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the customer service number.

Recently, I have been seeing searches about name change with Ryan air, probably because its the holiday season. Although many people hate Ryanair but sometimes they simply dont have a choice. One of the most common complains against the airline is their name change fee of £110/€110 before flight or £160/€160 at the airport as stated in their FAQ.

ryanairHowever, I found that it was misleading because the is Change referred to means changing to another passengers name. They dont have any information in their website about name amendments like from maiden name to married name or vice versa, spelling or first name and middle name which are the most common type of errors made by people when they are booking a flight.

So I think I should make it a point that you can indeed change a name with Ryanair for free if it was just a spelling error. Sometimes they charge £10 admin fee depending on who you get to talk with.

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  • Andri Skordi Jan 27, 2015

    Good morning, Im Androula Skordi FROM CYPRUSi dont speaking very well englishi want a help pleasei close two flight for the athens and for thessalonikithe flight for athens
    HAS WRONG I DO NOT KNOW WHY THE SURNAME MY THE surname now the ticket is my husband
    must we go in tomorrow afternoon in flight LHNBTS AT 19:00 o clock
    thank you for big help
    best regards Androula Skordi

    • Jemina Sentina Jan 27, 2015

      Hi Andri, try contacting Ryanair via Twitter. They will reply to you quicker.

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