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Travel Photos from Malaysia


This week I was lucky to visit Malaysia through my highly-deemed friend, Nole, who unselfishly shared these photos from his trips around the country. Mulu Cave Sarawak A zigzag road under a cave, what better way to do it? I like the fact that the cave is kept in its natural setup while making way […] Read More

Frankie discovers China


In October last year (2013) Franco traveled to China for work-related purposes. The trip taught him a lot about the country, its people and culture. He noted that most people were driving a car and hardly anyone was using a bike anymore. He went to Suzhou, an hour ride away from Shanghai. It is an industrial […] Read More

Asia remains a mystery to many travellers in the Western Hemisphere. Many Asian countries choose to adopt a private and non-invasive attitude, helped by vast expanses of unfriendly terrain such as deserts and mountains. If you search long and hard enough, youll discover plenty of unexpected and unheralded delights all across this enchanting continent. To […] Read More

Besting Boracay, Maui and Santorini in order, Palawan is voted by Travel & Leisure readers as the best island, among others, in 2013. My pride, my beloved, my home wasnt even in the top rank last year. So what catapulted it to the top spot this year? Why not? With almost 2000 kilometers of coastline, 1700 […] Read More

Tonys Trip: Home at last


After all the training and travelling more than half-way across the globe, Tony is finally back to the Philippines.  You think hes had enough jetlag and now hes going to catch up with Mr. Fortywinks but no, hes taken to the road again. This time Tony is on a holiday to the north of the […] Read More

After Tonys Training in New York, he found himself frolicking in a dessert and admiring Dubais state of the art buildings. Thats one of the best things of having an American passport. One can just show up at the immigration desk and gets the door swung open without going through the hassle of visa check […] Read More

I was browsing online when I came across an article on BBC dated April 16, 2013 about the birth of surfing in the Philippines. It reports how Apocalypse Now, a Vietnam War movie, inspired the Filipino surfers. It was filmed in the Philippines in the 1970s in a small town of Baler, the capital of […] Read More

Let me tell you a tale from a far, far away land I found this video on a friends timeline on facebook and I followed the link to their website. Watching the video I was surprised its about Palawan my home, my beloved, my pride. Its about a group called Tao Philippines who is […] Read More

After the my Promdi rant about Manila, its time to let the pendulum of justice swing to the other side. I aim to give a balanced report as much as possible. If you want to learn the history of the Philippines in just one day, Manila is the place to go and here are the […] Read More