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Destination UK

Around 100 acres of lavender fields was the first thing that I read about the famous Norfolk Lavender. Boy its huge! I was overwhelmed at the prospect of getting lost in the middle of a massive field while photographing hundreds, perhaps, even thousands of lavender rows. When at last I found out that it was just one bus […] Read More

Fireworks photo courtesy of  Matthew Dartford. With thanks from Travelog with Jem Lord Mayors Procession Contrary to advertised, this years street procession didnt have many colourful floats, in fact there werent any but lorries.  I think the organisers should not announce anything that would excite the peoples interest and then not deliver. However, in fairness […] Read More

The bus rolled slowly as it passed by the bay en route to Hunstanton a.k.a Sunny Hunny. The site of the boats piqued my curiosity and realizing the bus was stopping to pick up passengers, I  grabbed my camera bag, the tripod, and quickly got off. It was almost noon and my stomach needed some filling up. I […] Read More

I left my heart in Sunny Hunny

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Sunny Hunny, the local nickname for Hunstanton, lived up to its name when I sneaked here for a day escape last week. I came to take my heart back when I left it here the first time I visited two months ago but alas, it refused to come back home with me. Hunstanton is one of […] Read More

First time on my own in London

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In March this year I took a day trip to London to renew my passport. Wanting to save every penny I could, a habit I learned from my husband, I booked with Megabus instead of the National Express even if there was only £2 difference for the return trip. On the way to London, we […] Read More

Airplane ticket. Check! Tattoo ticket. Check! I cant wait for August 2014 to come. I have finally secured a place in next years Edinburgh Military tattoo. I know its too early but having waited for four years, I couldnt afford to miss it again. So, all is set. Thanks to Robert Maguire who willingly agreed […] Read More

When I first discovered the quayside walk, I only went up to the second bridge. After spotting the St James Mill I carelessly concluded that there was nothing else to see beyond. Besides there was an iron gate a few meters away and I thought that it must be a private property which I dared […] Read More

My legs were shaking when I reached the ground floor from the tower of St John Cathedral but it was well worth it. I had been wanting to take a panoramic view of the city of Norwich from a high vantage point and this is my chance, a tower tour of the citys highest vantage […] Read More

If Stow-on-wold surprised me with its beautiful pastoral setting, Oxford overwhelmed me with its academic fame then and now talk about Oxford dictionary as one of the basis for standard British English. Oxford offers great places of interest, just like Norwich. (Well, maybe Im being biased here and I hope you can forgive me. […] Read More