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Revisiting an old English village


Stow-on-Wold A week after the exciting visit to London, me and my housemates were on the road again. We were going to see the two huge trees that stand side by side at the door of an old church somewhere in Gloucestershire. The satnav said that we were arriving at our destination at around 10 […] Read More

Its true! The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint Augustine was absolutely right and I have proven that. When I first set foot in England one of the first things that caught my fancy was the presence of castles anywhere my husband took me, even on […] Read More

The sun barely showed up in Norwich in June of 2009 but when I found myself in Sicily towards the end of the month, the sky was unclouded therefore revealing Mr Glorious Sun all day long for everyday of my 2 month stay. The almonds were still green and the fichi dindia (cactus pears or prickly […] Read More

How Italians talk with their hands


Travelling to Italy for the first time or second time? Have you seen an Italian talking without using his hands? They say that in Italy only half of the language is spoken while the other half is communicated by gestures, sometimes in a deliberate and vigorous manner. When I was watching Eat, Pray, Love where […] Read More

An evening in Roma

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En route to Sicily via Rome, travelling with Alitalia from Heathrow, I asked my husband to show me a bit of the Italian capital. We had five hour stopover and I thought we had plenty of time to take a peek of the city, have a meal at a tavola calda and head back to […] Read More