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Its More Fun In The Philippines

From hiking in Laguna to sight-seeing in Baguio, singing in a wedding to snorkeling in Batangas, worshiping in Cavite and a final sight-seeing in Taal Vista, Sonya and I did have a full week of never-ending adventure in the Philippines. By the way, this trip took place in April 9-18, 2004. We flew from Bangkok […] Read More

This is the first travel dialog here at TwJ and I am very much honored to have Glee as my first guest. As a budding pro blogger, Glee is behind the success of Creative Fashion blog and among her new ones is Glee Dating, where singles get help finding their perfect mate online and offline. […] Read More

My home for 17 years before I left for college in 1992, Palawan will always hold the deepest place in my heart. When I left, it wasnt much of a destination but it was already on the rise. In my unsubstantiated opinion, Palawan rose to fame when its capital, Puerto Princesa, won the The Greenest […] Read More