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North America

Winter in Mount Snow Valley


Here in southern Vermont, fall foliage is but a memory and the trees stand bare and waiting. As the weather turns cold and brisk, the residents of Mount Snow Valley are feeding their wood stoves and waiting patiently for the winter season to begin. The Valley stretches from Readsboro, VT in the south on the […] Read More

Tonys Trip: Training in New York

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This is the first part of Tonys Trip series. He is on a One Year in Mission (OYiM) mission and that sends him to trips across the globe. Tony was my student for a week and within that short period we developed a very good teacher-student friendship that extended beyond the classroom walls. Over the years, […] Read More

Right now, I am wishing I were standing opposite the Niagara Falls, watching admiringly the massive waterfalls, getting overwhelmed with the height, breadth and width of it, listening joyously to their mighty sound as the waters rush from the cliff, getting wet by the thick mist sent up in the air, extending my vision from where […] Read More