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A vegetarian travellers dilemma


Have you ever ordered a vegetarian meal on board? Let me guess what they gave you. An overcooked broccoli and carrots thats been heated again they have become so soft that they melt when you poke your fork on them. Well, if that was not your experience, it was mine, as an economy passenger. Not […] Read More

When travelling locally in the Philippines, like going to Palawan from Manila, I almost always take Philippine airlines (PAL) flight except when they are fully booked on my preferred travel dates. They are not paying me with this commendation but like everyone will say, PAL have the best service, the seats are more spacious and […] Read More

And then we learned about Meet Greet


Going to Sicily used to be a very wearisome trip for me and hubby. Because Ryanair always flew at 6AM, we start off before midnight leaving home to catch the bus to Stansted airport. We get there at 1ish AM and walk around the airport trying to find an empty chair or a  spot out […] Read More

Yes, you can! See how to get Ryanair change your name for £10 or even FREE and scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the customer service number. Recently, I have been seeing searches about name change with Ryan air, probably because its the holiday season. Although many people hate Ryanair but sometimes […] Read More

I pulled out my National Express bus ticket from my handbag, upon arriving at Heathrow from Manila. I was pretty proud of and impressed at myself for being wiser this time to have bought a return bus ticket to and from Norwich. Last year, I paid £54 for one way because I purchased my ticket […] Read More

Ryanair Name Change Fee explained How to contact Ryanair by phone Calling from outside the UK Contacting Ryanair by email This was previously posted on my blogspot site but I thought this website is a better place for it. If you arrived here through that site, then you already know that you have to call […] Read More