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Discover Sicily

A Taste of Ash at the Festival of Mostarda and Prickly Pears


There are some kind of food that you can only find in a particular place 'somewhere in a land far away' sort of thing. They cannot be replicated because some of the elements needed are only present in that place like for example the kind of soil the plant grows, the type of water, the […] Read More

Infiorata di Noto street-painting with flowers and the ruins of Siracusa


When it comes to art, no one beats the Italians. Well, that's my unsubstantiated opinion--and I'm jolly proud of it. (Grins) I have always thought flower festivals were like exhibition of flowers from around the world or a parade of flower-covered floats. But Infiorata di Noto updated my outdated ignorance. It's a fusion of street […] Read More

Discovering Historic Sicily

Discover Sicilty

This is just an introduction of my many trips to Sicily. I will post more in the following weeks. Sitting in the far south of Italy, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is just north of Africa. Its location made it a central port for Europe, Africa and the Middle East […] Read More