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Destination UK

Humble poppies in a great Poppy Field parade

Poppy Field Norwich

Poppy fields, what's not to love? Alone, a poppy flower might not catch your attention like a lone hyacinth or a catleya would. But when they grow together, they can turn an abandoned field or a construction site into a beautiful scenery. I was lucky to have landed a job in mid-June just when the poppies were in […] Read More

Went for a job interview and I found a wedding venue

Thetford Priory Ruins

Every time travel to London I always gorge my eyes with the view of the forest when we get to Thetford. I can never get tired of the view. Since April this year I have been broke and my bank was overdrawn. I needed to find a job to augment my insufficient income. So when […] Read More

A Knockout Encounter with Birds of Prey

Birds of prey from norfolk wild encounters

Okay, I have just gotten over the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout but when I went to see the owls and hawk from Norfolk Wild Encounters (NWE) I was knocked out. NWE Birds of Prey graced the Grapes Hill Community Garden on 3rd of May, the morning after "the fight of the century" mania. I didn't have a […] Read More

3 Interesting Things I Discovered on My Trip to Swansea

Oystermouth Castle

They say it always rains in Wales but when my friends took me with them to this beautiful country on the west of the UK, not a single drop of rain, until our departure day, which was fair enough. We're leaving anyway. Wales is one of the top ten countries in my bucket list and I […] Read More

Kicking Up My Heels with the Grey Seals-Horsey, Norfolk

Cute grey seal from horsey

Finally, I can now tick one place in My Travel Bucket List 2015 but with much persuading on my part. First I asked nicely but when it didn’t work I resorted throwing a tantrum like a summer storm on a rather nice sunny day. It was indeed a sunny day and the mild wind at […] Read More

Goodbye Summer, Im Welcoming Autumn With Open Arms

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It's officially autumn! I could feel it in my bones! Took this photo during the hottest time today and the sun felt scorching there was no way I was expecting to feel cold when the night falls. However, the temperature dropped to 10°C tonight and I thought of turning on the central heating already. I […] Read More

Scotland, Ken I Have Some More?

Lock Tay, Kenmore

Nestled at the foot of a pine-covered hill by Loch Tay is a picturesque village of Kenmore in the beautiful county of Perthshire, where I went to visit a very good friend in August. The idyllic atmosphere welcomed me with a gentle wind that caressed my cheeks and stroked my hair like an affectionate mother would do to […] Read More

A Trip to Eden Project that is!

Dahlias in all sorts of shapes and sizes

And so it happened that on the 26th of July 2014, we left Norwich to embark on an unforgettable journey. I said we because I was not alone; and all of us there were three -- my husband, my sister-in-law, and me. Bird of Paradise. "But it's Sabbath!" I protested when my husband announced the […] Read More