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Travel Adventure

A Knockout Encounter with Birds of Prey

Birds of prey from norfolk wild encounters

Okay, I have just gotten over the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout but when I went to see the owls and hawk from Norfolk Wild Encounters (NWE) I was knocked out. NWE Birds of Prey graced the Grapes Hill Community Garden on 3rd of May, the morning after "the fight of the century" mania. I didn't have a […] Read More

3 Interesting Things I Discovered on My Trip to Swansea

Oystermouth Castle

They say it always rains in Wales but when my friends took me with them to this beautiful country on the west of the UK, not a single drop of rain, until our departure day, which was fair enough. We're leaving anyway. Wales is one of the top ten countries in my bucket list and I […] Read More

Weird-looking Cows: Exploring my own backyard

Mrs Grumpy Cow close up

Sometimes, you don't need to travel far to see awesome sights. You could find interesting scenes just outside your door, in your backyard. After all, any place in the world belongs to someone's backyard and it could be yours or mine. Visiting a friend who lives in the country over the weekend, I thought of taking […] Read More

Bittersweet Memories of My Missionary Life in Benguet Part 1

Bittersweet Memories of Missionary Life in Benguet

As sure as the day comes after the night, I promised myself I would never go back to experience travelling the stomach-churning road to Buguias, Benguet. Characterized by cliffs and precipices, part of the highway could only accommodate one vehicle at a time and the one descending should always give way to the one going […] Read More

Kicking Up My Heels with the Grey Seals-Horsey, Norfolk

Cute grey seal from horsey

Finally, I can now tick one place in My Travel Bucket List 2015 but with much persuading on my part. First I asked nicely but when it didn’t work I resorted throwing a tantrum like a summer storm on a rather nice sunny day. It was indeed a sunny day and the mild wind at […] Read More

My Top 10 Travel Bucket List for 2015

International Balloon Festival

The following are the top 10 places and events I wish to go to for this year. If you happen to live near or in any of the destinations mentioned, please feel free to comment and we could meet up. I had never given it a thought to go on the London Eye but my friend, Pearly, […] Read More

Sleepless in Paris and Some Bizarre Travel Encounters

Paris in Spring

Like any other touristic capital such as Rome, London and Edinburgh which are always busy during the day, in some “the beginning has just begun when the sun goes down”. That’s Paris. I love night cities that offer wholesome activities other than going to pubs and bars. A romantic stroll by a magnificent view is […] Read More

My Foodie Trip to Paris and The Search for Macaron

French artisan b-compressed

Well, it wasn't my intention but my first trip to Paris has made me a gourmand—more than I already am, by the way. It's no wonder then I now weigh 47kg and I'm proud to announce it. Why not? My cheeks are plumper but my thighs and waistline are pretty much the same. When I was […] Read More