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I came, I saw, I learned at Fakenham Museum of Gas and Local History


I would have never thought a humble museum such as the Fakenham Museum of Gas and Local History could be so educating and *enlightening! When I first heard about Fakenham Gas Museum I thought, "What a strange museum! What am I going to see there? Gases? Not interesting!" That was my rather uneducated presumption until […] Read More

A vegetarian travellers dilemma


Have you ever ordered a vegetarian meal on board? Let me guess what they gave you. An overcooked broccoli and carrots that's been heated again they have become so soft that they melt when you poke your fork on them. Well, if that was not your experience, it was mine, as an economy passenger. Not […] Read More

Did you know that London Bridge is in America?


This is the bridge called London Bridge and not what others perceive as the Tower Bridge. Once upon a time, the fate of this bridge's predecessor was decided upon to be demolished and replaced with a new, more modern one. But instead of turning it into a heap of rubble, Ivan Luckin, who was a […] Read More

Palawan #1 Best Island in the World in 2013

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Besting Boracay, Maui and Santorini in order, Palawan is voted by Travel & Leisure readers as the best island, among others, in 2013. "My pride, my beloved, my home" wasn't even in the top rank last year. So what catapulted it to the top spot this year? Why not? With almost 2000 kilometers of coastline, 1700 […] Read More

If you could be anywhere in the world today, where would it be?


Right now, I am wishing I were standing opposite the Niagara Falls, watching admiringly the massive waterfalls, getting overwhelmed with the height, breadth and width of it, listening joyously to their mighty sound as the waters rush from the cliff, getting wet by the thick mist sent up in the air, extending my vision from where […] Read More