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Edinburgh An Enchanting City


Okay, now that I have finally set up my travel blog, I want to talk about all my trips. But where do I begin? There are so many stories to tell but I think Ill let the photos do the talking. After all, a picture paints a thousand words, so says the song by Bread.

Digging through my hippocampus, I stumbled through this collage and scurried to my Facebook photos to find it. It took a while to locate it. I wish they could invent a device where I could transfer a file from my brain directly to the computer.

My husband took me to Edinburgh in March 2009 and my first impression of the city was Enchanting! and thats how I call it until now.

If you dont think youd agree with me, then perhaps you would with Sir Robert Burnss

Address to Ediburgh (Excerpt)

Edina! Scotias darling seat!
All hail thy palaces and towrs,
Where once, beneath a Monarchs feet,
Sat Legislations sovreign powrs:
From marking wildly scattred flowrs,
As on the banks of Ayr I strayd,
And singing, lone, the lingering hours,
I shelter in they honourd shade.

Here Wealth still swells the golden tide,
As busy Trade his labours plies;
There Architectures noble pride
Bids elegance and splendour rise:
Here Justice, from her native skies,
High wields her balance and her rod;
There Learning, with his eagle eyes,
Seeks Science in her coy abode.

Now, check out these few photos and tell me if you still didnt get enchanted.

Scott Monument

Scott Monument

Erected in memory of Sir Walter Scott, this colossal Gothic monument has 287  steps going to the top where one can get an amazing view of the capital and its surrounding countryside.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Nestled on top of an inactive volcano, the Edinburgh Castle is believed to be 5000 years old and is the top paid tourist attraction. It is also used as a backdrop for the Military Tattoo.

Free Church at Mound Place

A man-made hill, Mound Place, was landfilled when they excavated the foundation of the New Town. Its elevation complemented its position as connector of the Old Town and the New Town.

Bobby the FaithFul Dog

Bobby The Faithful Dog

When his master died, Bobby stayed at the tomb for 13 years until he died. Some stories say that he would go to the bar where he and his master used to frequent, where he got fed and then returned to the tomb. But our tour guide said that he was brought food and water everyday by a good friend of his master.

But when he died, they didnt bury him next to his master in the church graveyard because they didnt know what religion his religion was.

Today, people still bring him presents, foods, and even toys, and some believe it brings them good luck to do so.

View from Princess Street Gardens


The 3 arches at the center is the Waverly Station, on the right is Market street, probably council offices and to the left is the Balmoral Hotel at 1 Princess Street.

Credit: Many thanks to Maggie of East Kilbride for kindly giving me the names of the places in pictures 3 and 5. Its been four years since I took these photos and I have forgotten the names but the enchanting experience still lingers on.

Edinburgh every step tells a story

We joined a free guided tour of the Old Town and every few steps we stopped to listen to our guide as she narrated the stories behind a place, building, or spot.

The Stake at the Haymarket where martyrs were burned

Maggie Dickson  the woman who was accused of and hanged for killing her baby

Elephant House where JK Rowling scribbled Harry Potter

The Best Burglar Alarm System a small step somewhere in the middle of the stairs that will cause burglar to trip

And so many more, this space wont be enough to tell them all.

All photos were taken by my LG Renoir phone. No editing done.

So, have you been to Edinburgh? What is your unforgettable experience? Or are you from Scotland? Tell me why you are proud of your capital city.

Id definitely love to know.


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About the author: Jem loves to try new thingsas long as they dont involve risks. She has an unquenchable thirst for adventure and she loves crafting real stories of people and places she encounters on her trips.

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