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Full Moon Photographed With One of the Best Superzoom Cameras

Full Moon Photographed With One of the Best Superzoom Cameras

Is it a supermoon? Nah! Its just a superzoom! I wish I could travel back in time and relive the moment when I took this photo of the moon with one of the best Superzoom Cameras before I said goodbye to summer. So unlike the nights in this winter season, it was a moonlit sky, devoid of clouds and the stars were shimmering on that crisp summer night. The bright moon was shining in all her splendor. She was awesome to behold.

I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me.

The night was dark around her but the darker the night, the brighter she glows. When every one is engrossed with the busyness of their day, when there are so much more to see, shes almost unnoticeable but silently and faithfully traverse the sky and patiently waits for her turn to shine. She doesnt need to be prompted, shes always ready to shine as soon as darkness creeps over the sky.

How to photograph a moon behind the leaves

This photo didnt come out as is from my Canon Powershot SX50. Tried as I might to manually focus the moon, the leaves were getting in the way. The camera has a sort of blue laser light that measures the distance of the subject and it was intercepted by the leaves, so it was impossible to do it even with manual focus. So what I did was to take two shots, one with the moon only and another with the moon behind the leaves. Using a photo editor, I then replaced the soft moon behind the leaves. The result? The photo above.

Are you an expert on photography? Do you have a tip or tips on how to photograph the moon behind the leaves? Or behind the branches? Please leave your comment below.



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