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Get lost in a paradise with Tao Philippines

Let me tell you a tale from a far, far away land…” I found this video on a friend’s timeline on facebook and I followed the link to their website. Watching the video I was surprised it’s about Palawan — my home, my beloved, my pride. It’s about a group called Tao Philippines who is exploring remote islands in northern Palawan in a way I could only dream of. I wish I had known them when I went home for 3 months in 2011. Their expedition run along hundreds of otherwise inaccessible between El Nido and Coron on a 5 day/4 night trip. I had been wanting to do this ever since I was a teenager, long before tourists started hearing about them. I have already had a passion to go island hopping and immersed myself in those turquoise waters. In fact I dreamed of sailing around Palawan. Someday, I will live my dream. coron Philippines What I like best with Tao Philippines is their ethical approach to tourism. They are not the sort of “I came, I saw, I conquer” explorers. They give back to the community they go and visit, helping with their educational system, planting and trading with the islanders, using local amenities for accommodation thus, preserving the natural way of life. They do not intend to change anything culturally and traditionally. That’s really admirable and I appreciate them for their genuine concern for the natural beauty of the place. Tao Philippines is always looking for explorers to join their expedition and experience what most of those who have done it describe as “the highlight of their travel in the Philippines.” They run their website www.taophilippines.com where you can find out more about them, how to book a trip and how to contact them. They have been featured on newspapers and televisions across the globe including the prestigious Discovery Channel, and their popularity is gaining ground.

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