Goodbye Summer, Im Welcoming Autumn With Open Arms


Its officially autumn! I could feel it in my bones! Took this photo during the hottest time today and the sun felt scorching there was no way I was expecting to feel cold when the night falls. However, the temperature dropped to 10°C tonight and I thought of turning on the central heating already. I am still in denial over this fact. Just today, the sun was shining so bright on a cloudless sky. I was hoping it would last longer.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

This summer has been wonderfully kind and generous to me and I hate to see it go, but each season must take its turn. Some trees have started to changed into their Autumn costume and some leaves have already left their boughs.

I will be roaming around Norfolk to enjoy the rich autumn color that makes the trees look stylishly gorgeous before they go bare for winter.

Autumn is an inevitable change that whether we accept or deny it, it dramatically ushers its way in, always in style. Though the trees look stunning in their bright colors, autumn also brings cold weather with it. Because I cant change the course of time, I will change my attitude instead and Im welcoming autumn with open arms.

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