Greenwich Part 1: Straddling the Line Between the Past and the Future

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September 21, 2014. The time was exactly right. In punto! Whether the tube train was late or not, it didnt matter. I arrived on time at Greenwich Prime Meridian. How nice would it be if I could arrive on time at all my appointments even if I experience a traffic hold up along the way.  I remember as a child wondering and getting impressed at how the map was divided into grids indicating the time differences. I even asked why in Greenwich and I didnt know that Greenwich was in London because it is always referred to as Greenwich and everybody knows where it is — Its where the time starts, in other words the longitude zero, that is.

 The Establishment of Greenwich Prime Meridian

The Prime Meridian was established to indicate the exact location of the sailors while at sea. While the stars at night tell them the sailors realizedPrime Meridian Greenwich, Travelog with Jem, Longitude zero they cannot rely on them every minute and every hour in terms of weather condition and time during the day when the stars are out of sight. Using the local time was also not as dependable as they hoped because the sailors had no idea how far they were from their point of origin.

By dividing the world between east and west with the Prime Meridian, the sailors have now a more accurate idea of their exact location in the map. Further information can be found at the Royal Museums Greenwich website.

Highlights of my trip to the Royal Museums Greenwich

The Royal Museums Greenwich is a huge place it requires one day to visit all the attractions. By one day, I mean one full summer day light in order to see all the available displays and events. Some of them are free but the main ones are not.

Planetarium Show

London Planetarium. Greenwich attraction, Travelog with JemIt may not look attractive from the outside, but this odd-looking structure houses the only planetarium in London.

There were two available shows when I visited which were Back to the Moon for Good and Our Sky Tonight. You need a ticket to get in here and its only valid for one show.

The Back to the Moon for Good  show was amazing. Made me feel like I was out there in space and landing on the moon but I felt like riding in a giant roller coaster loop.


steampunkdFollowing the trail of The Rime of the Ancient Commodore, learning about their technology and comparing it to what we have now, I feel any the wiser and I have just been steampunkd.

Because I spent all my time at Greenwich, I didnt make it on time to find Beatles Abbey Road.

Let’s not be held captives of our PAST because we can’t cross the bridge of the PRESENT as we move forward to the FUTURE. — Nole Aclan on tenses of life

To be continued

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