How Not To Find Abbey Road For The Confused Beatles Fan

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So you want to walk on the famous zebra crossing on Abbey Road popularized by the Beatles and replicate their steps? You might be planning your trip from another country or continent and youre visiting the UK. Of course, while you are here it would be great to see all the landmarks London is known for. Perhaps, you might be a local tourist who have just immigrated to the UK and you feel like you havent really been to London unless youve been to Abbey Road. This guide will help you lose your way and how not to find it.

Its really simple. All you have to do is follow the DLR Stratford Line and get off at Abbey Road. You will find it on your tube map. On your way you will stop by the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Since you have come too far from your original destination without your knowing, you might just as well visit the London 2012 stadium and marvel at its architectural design and enormous size.

Sometimes its the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. — Drake

Once you have satisfied your eyes and taken lots of photographs to show evidence that you have been to the London 2012 — Stadium, that is, get back on the train and alight at Abbey Road Station. Like me you might feel the excitement of getting closer to the famous Beatles zebra crossing thats seen around the world.

To find out that you have been duped by the stations name, either take the stairs or walk past them to find the sign pictured below.

Direction to the Beatles Abbey Road.

Welcome to the club! You have just joined hundreds and counting other Baffled Beatles Fans Club, some of whom have come half-way across the globe just to find out they made it to the wrong place only 10 miles away.

One more thing, make sure you do it last thing just before you catch your train or coach to your next destination. You might as well be treated with a broken Jubilee Line making your trip even more exciting as you now have to race against time in order to accomplish the last thing in your list.

By the way, Robert, my editorial consultant even brought a permanent marker pen specially for me to make my mark on the famous wall and would have written,

This was one small step for Jemina, one giant leap for the Dockland Light Railway.

Robert also thought it would have been more appropriate if they named the station Not Abbey Road.

What do you think?

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