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How to get Ryanair change your name for only £10 or even free


Here are different ways to contact Ryanair Customer Service. If you dont want to read through the article, go directly to the information you want.

This was previously posted on my blogspot site but I thought this website is a better place for it. If you arrived here through that site, then you already know that you have to call their customer service number, right? But would you rather keep reading and keep up with my rambling or you wanna jump to that number? Well, I heard you say, Nah, I wanna read the whole story. Go on then.

To have your name changed by Ryanair could cost you an arm and a leg when you actually only paid a toenail for the ticket.  You try to flip back and forth through their terms and conditions, FAQs and Help sections and you seem like playing hide and seek with a dodo.

Then you start to panic and stress out because your flight schedule is coming up and you dont seem to have a choice but to have your finger chopped. You blame and cuss and cuss and blame yourself for making that silly mistake. How could you misspell your (wife/husband/child/friend/mother/father)s name?And if youre like me you shed a bucketful of tears and wish you could sell it to your water provider help pay off the unexpected expense of another ticket or a name change whichever is lower.

But before you pull out that plastic from your wallet, you try just one more time to Google how to change your name for a much smaller fee. But Ryanair website doesnt seem to have an answer.  You read the forums and go to Yahoo answers and still do not have a way out.

But you cant give up just like that and so you check further down the Google search result and you stumble in my humble blog. You sort of hesitate if the title is really true or not but you want to give it a go. Perhaps, justperhaps, well, its your last straw.

What is this rubbish?, you exclaim when you see the opening sentence saying, This post has now been transferred to How to get Ryanair change your name for only £10 or even free. You scoff and sigh as you click the link to redirect you to this website.

At this point you want to grab me by the collar and growl at me, like a hungry wolf showing its foaming mouth, Just give me that bloomin number before I spin you around and throw you outside that bl***y window!! You know, like what Ms Trunchbull did to Matilda.

Hang on! Before you hit that little x on the top right corner of the window, calm down. Take 3 deep breaths. That will relax your tensed nerves. You have come this far to give up now. First, read this excerpt from the poem Dont Quit.

Often the struggler has given up,
When he might have captured the victors cup,
And he learned too late when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

No, you dont wanna be a loser, do you? You wanna be a victor, instead.

Congratulations! The answer has been found by you.

But before I finally give you the answer, can I say something else?


Ryanair Name Change Fee explained

The Name Change in Ryanairs Fee list means a new passengers name. But if it is the same person and it is just a spelling error or changing from married name to maiden name and vice versa, then it is called Amendment.

How to Contact Ryanair Customer Service

By Phone

Call this customer service number 0871 246 0000* which costs 10p/minute as they say but actually 22p when I checked my phone bill. Depending on the staff on duty, they might ask you to send a fax of your passport and marriage certificate or they might do it while youre on the phone for free or for a small admin fee of £10.

If they ask you to fax something, send it to this number: 00 35318 121 649

*Please note, this is a UK premium number and if you are calling from abroad it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Try this number instead +353 1 812 1212 and dont tell them you are calling from outside the UK otherwise they might direct you to a premium number in your country.

By Email

Go to Ryanair website and follow this step.

  • Useful Info — Contact Us — Compliments & General Complaints — Contact Form.

Via Twitter

By far, the fastest way to contact Ryanair Customer Service is via Twitter (@Ryanair). Whether its a complaint or assistance you need, they are quick to attend to your need. This is the cheapest especially if you are calling from abroad.

I hope you get it sorted.



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  • Wendy Jul 5, 2014

    Hi Jem, I have written my surname in my Mums ticket instead to put her surname. To change the name in the website they would charge me 110£ more than the price of the ticket. What can I do ? Its also Saturday and the call centre is close. :(

    • Jem Jul 6, 2014

      Hi Wendy, Oh thats a tricky one. I really dont know what to say. But try contacting them and explain your mistake as soon as you can. Ryanair customer service has improved during the last few months. I wish you all the best.

  • Elizabeth brown Jul 4, 2014

    Hi I have booked a flight to Malta through a company called super escapes and the flights are through Ryanair the incompetent agent booked all 4 passengers names but the 4th was put down as Marie as first name and the surname as Therese instead of this being her middle name and although all 3 other passengers surnames were correct they completely missed my daughters putting her middle name as her surname. After several frustrating calls and them listening to the call recording they said I need to pay £120 to get this amended Ryanair would do it for £10 but as this was booked through a 3rd party they cannot deal with me without either the booking ref number for the flights or the email address used and guess what Super escapes refuse to give me this info can you give any advice regards. Elizabeth

    • Jem Jul 4, 2014

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Sorry to hear about your trouble with Super Escapes. Didnt you get a confirmation email from them stating the flight reference number? If not, tell them you are going to contact ABTA to report them.

  • Oliver Jul 4, 2014

    Hi Jem!

    I booked a ticket to Milan yesterday for me and my girlfriend. When I recieved the booking confirmation I found out that I had put in my girlfriends nickname, because we never use her real first name as in the passport.
    I was shocked when I saw how much it costs to change it, and I was lucky i found this blog!!!
    I live in Denmark, so what number would you recommend me to call? The trip is in a week from now, so I hope not we have to fax information and all that!

    • Jem Jul 4, 2014

      Hi Oliver,
      Oh, your case is a difficult one as your flight is so close. But do email them as soon as possible or call them with the +353 number. All of this information are in the post. Best of luck!

  • lili Jul 1, 2014

    I was about to buy a new ticket and I found this article, called and got it changed for free. THANKS A LOT!!!!!

  • Fabio Jul 1, 2014

    I am in spain now, what is best thing to do? I spelled name GALERANI instead of GALLERANI

    • Jem Jul 1, 2014

      Ciao Fabio!
      Check this link to find out how you can contact Ryanair by email.

      • fabio Jul 1, 2014


        is there anyway to call and dont wait 20 min online?

        • fabio Jul 1, 2014

          also, i send mail, and the redirect me in table of fees that bstate 110 euro of fee.

          I just want to add an L to the name!

          what to do?

          • Jem Jul 1, 2014

            If you have sent the email, you dont have to do anything for now. Just wait for their reply. If you want to call them, use the +353. Dont worry about the table of fees they sent you. That is misleading.

  • Graham Jun 22, 2014

    Thanks so much for the reply Jem. I did forget to mention that my Ryanair booking was done with On the Beach. Should RA still be able to help me if I talk to them as they have my details now. What concerns me is that if they added middle names then it should be an amendment NOT a change of name. I think On the Beach will tell me that it is one and the same(change of name at god knows how much). Sorry to bother you again and many thanks Graham

    • Jem Jun 23, 2014

      Well, for your peace of mind, just call Ryanair. They should be able to match the passports with their details you provided on online check-in anyway, like the passport number. But go ahead and call them and I hope you get it sorted.

      • Graham Jun 26, 2014

        Hi!! Jem, Just to say I called Ryan Air and after 15 mins got through. Told her of my slip up with middle names and she no problem at check in as middle names are not important as long as first name and surname are as the passport along with other details being correct. So thank you very much and it has given me the reassurance I wanted. Take care Graham

        • Jem Jun 26, 2014

          Hi Graham,
          Yey! Have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday!

  • Graham Jun 22, 2014

    Hi!! Jem, Another guy worried like hell. Booked the family to go away in a couple of weeks and realized tonight I had not included middle names (everything else is correct) when I print boarding passes, but of course passports have them, so can I ask how you see the situation. Kind regards Graham

    • Jem Jun 22, 2014

      Hi Graham, I never use my middle name when booking with Ryanair and they always let me through.

  • AoifeB Jun 18, 2014


    Total nightmare! Just realised I gave my boyfriend my surname by accident when I made a booking 2 months ago. I have an Auto fill which I have a feeling is to blame ( our I was half asleep!) Would it be worth ringing them and explaining?? I gave him the right first name at least. :-/

    Thanks for your help in advance,


    • Jem Jun 18, 2014

      By all means, call them as soon as you can tomorrow morning and explain. Theres no harm in trying.

  • Jeyshri Jun 13, 2014

    I shortened my surname by deed poll recently.
    I e-mailed Ryan Air and they replied with the following
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Ryanair.

    Name change fees are charged per passenger/per booking, please see our Table of Fees for details.

    Name changes can be made up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time either online (unless you have already checked in online*) or via a Ryanair reservation centre (subject to opening hours).

    Any name change made to a flight reservation must be for that individual passengers complete flight itinerary.

    *Passengers who have checked in online but now wish to change a flight date, route or passenger name must contact a reservation centre up to the day prior to flight departure(subject to opening hours) to have the required flight(s) unchecked,subject to the payment of an uncheck fee of €15/£15 per flight/per person. Once the flight(s) have been unchecked the reservation can be changed via Manage Booking .Name changes are not possible if any flight sector in the booking has been flown. This service is not available at the airport.

    Would I have to pay the name change fee? Should I try calling them instead?
    I would appreciate any advice on this matter! :)


    • Jem Jun 13, 2014

      Hi Jey,
      By all means, call them and explain about your name change via deed pool. As it is the same person using the ticket this is an Amendment as explained in the post. Have you changed your surname on your passport as well? if not, then you can still use it if it matches the name on your ticket.
      I hope you get it sorted.

  • Gemma Jun 10, 2014

    Thank you Jem! I just changed my boyfriends booked name from Alex to Alexander for free!!!! What a weight off my shoulders phew! I was literally about to book another ticket and thought I would have one last look on google ..:)

  • annette griffiths Jun 9, 2014

    dear Jem.
    Cant thank you enough for your help and advice. After searching everywhere for advice on changing my friends name which I thought was Claire but is actually Clare, I only noticed Id spelt her name wrong by facebook. We have three Ryanair flights booked all with her name spelt wrong so immediately I panicked. I came across your site and followed everything you advised and I have had the name amended free of charge for all three flights. So chuffed. we have travelled a few times with her name spelt wrong unbeknown to me and she never said either so we have been lucky to travel unnoticed with the spelling mistake. We have travelled many times with Ryanair, we have always found them reliable , their on time jingle comicle. In fact I cant fault them. We have had the chance to travel to many cities due to their fares. This is the first time ive had to make changes and it was dealt with in a friendly professional manner

    Thanks again from a happy traveller!!!!!

  • stella May 31, 2014

    just to say a huge thank you for your invaluable help. Needed an amendment as booked a flight using my name thinking when you come to confirm and check in you can put in name as shown on my actual passport which is a double barreled name as it shows my maiden name as well. This wasnt the case as there was no where to fill in name on passport. I was in a terrible state until came across your website and am truly grateful to you. All sorted. Although flying out with Ryanair I am returning with Jet2., so had the same problem but again have sorted it. I have to say though that both companies did say it was ok to change with no charge as it was booked and amended on same day. Although we might have just incurred the £10 fee otherwise.
    Many many thanks.

  • ang May 28, 2014

    And it cost me 10 e So grateful for your advice.

  • ang May 28, 2014

    Thank you amended my name today almost paid to rebook as cheaper than changing name.
    thank you again

  • Edel May 27, 2014

    Thanks so much, cant believe it worked :-)

  • mandy May 19, 2014

    I need to change a flight in July Id booked but due to a new job I need to change the name on one of the flights booked from my husbands name to my sons, who will now come with me and his younger brother. Do you think ryanair will do this for a £10 fee and not the shocking £110 on their website.
    Thank you in advance for your advice

    • Jem May 19, 2014

      Hi Mandy, Im afraid it is a name change. Might be cheaper to just buy a new ticket. But I would contact Ryanair to be sure. There is no harm in trying.

  • DC May 19, 2014

    I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to realise you have to pay such a ridiculous price to fix such a small thing.
    We accidentally typed my wifes name as our daughters name and after getting told over the phone that it was a name change and would cost £110 my wife went to Stansted Airport to try reason with them. I then found this post and after unsuccessfully reasoning with them at the airport we felt there was no choice but to pay the £110 or purchase another ticket which was slightly cheaper.
    I decided to call this number and gently explain that I would like to make an amendment and explained the details of the change. I have done this now and they didnt charge me

    Still cant believe it

    • Jem May 19, 2014

      Im glad they amended it for you free of charge. Its really horrible how airlines can penalize their clients whom they get their milk from.

  • Phil McDevitt May 18, 2014

    Good Morning,
    I have flights booked with Ryanair and noticed when processing on line check in that I have called my wife Mr instead of Mrs , I have not completed the check in process as I suspect this will be a problem. If I change it online will it be classed as a name change ? The passport has no title just the name , but it does indicate Male or Female gender.

    • Jem May 19, 2014

      I had a similar experience but not with Ryanair and they let me go. It shouldnt affect the name really. But to give yourself peace of mind, just contact Ryanair. You can do so through their website Useful Info Contact Us Compliments General Complaints Contact Form.

  • Cristina May 12, 2014

    Less than 1h ago I booked a ticket for two persons, but unfortunately I copied my friends name wrong, instead of his Surname, I copied again his name. So his name is two times on the ticket and no surname. I send them a message to explain the situation and ask for help, I hope in the morning ill get an answer. Im in Italy now, can I use that phone number to call if Ill get any answer until morning? Thank you!

    • Jem May 12, 2014

      Hi Cristina,
      I believe you can call that number but really I hope they will have emailed you back and made the necessary amendment by tomorrow.

  • Phillip Lomas May 10, 2014

    Made a group booking with RyanAir, then one bright spark tells me a month later that he has a double barrel surname.

    Do you think RyanAir would let him fly with the one surname on his ticket? Whats your thoughts on getting this changed would it be an Amendment or a Name Change.

    Many Thanks

    • Jem May 10, 2014

      It is Amendment. I hope there is still ample time for you to sort it out. If you are flying next week they might penalize you. But pray they will be kind-hearted enough to change it for free or for £10 only.

  • Evelyn May 5, 2014

    Just comment to say that you saved my life with this!!! =D thanks so much!
    Ryanair are such a bastards! They put my name (cardholder) when I type my mums.
    But definitely I rather pay 10€ than 100 pounds!!
    Thanks again!

  • Arjan May 4, 2014


    I booked a ticket for my parents as a present to our place. (Parents are living in Netherlands, we in Cyprus)

    I forgot to put their middle names, I forgot the middle name of my brother and of my mam. Is this a problem? :)

    They are flying Tuesday in the afternoon, so I would really appreciate the answer soon. *Calling them from here cost me an arm and leg,

    • Jem May 4, 2014

      It shouldnt be a problem. I never put my middle name whenever I book with Ryanair even if it shows in my passport.

      I wish your parents a safe and pleasant flight.

  • Rytis May 2, 2014

    hello i booked ticket for my brother, but i write my name not him, any chance to change booking to his name ?

    • Jem May 2, 2014

      Oh, this is a tricky one. Im sorry I have no definite answer. Please call them immediately or email them through their website FAQ.

  • Natasha Robinson Apr 25, 2014

    Hi my friend booked a flight through Onthebeach and she used her mothers debit card but it has put her mothers name on the confirmation not hers.. how would she go about changing it and how much

    • Jem Apr 26, 2014

      Hi Natasha, I think its best to call them and explain the situation. IF they accept the explanation they should only charge £10 admin fee.

  • Fresh Apr 24, 2014

    My friend and I booked flight to Spain next week but she hasnt got the visa until now.
    Just in case she cant get the visa in time, it is possible to change name on the ticket from her name to another person by follow the step above, right?
    Could you please confirm me that I can do like that?

    Your information is very helpful!

  • peter visser Apr 22, 2014

    Hi everyone, im from the Netherlands and my girlfriend and i booked a ticket for the 23th of May to Rome. However i have put her name in the wrong order on the ticket. So for example her name on her passport is anna rosa maria davidson and on the ticket maria anna rosa davidson. Is this a real problem? And if so, what kind of number do i have to call to change this for free of for just 10 pounds instead of 160 euros?

    • Jem Apr 22, 2014

      Hi Peter,

      Please follow this sequence
      1. Go to their website
      2. Select Manage My Booking
      3. Click on Contact Us
      4. Select Compliments/General Complaints
      5. Click on Contact Form
      6. Write your concern on the comment box and wait for their reply.

      They should do it for you for free. All the best,

      • Tenna Jun 7, 2014

        Hi, did this work out for you?

        • Jem Jun 7, 2014

          Yes, it did and for virtually all of those who commented here.

  • Scot Cunningham Apr 21, 2014

    I went through similar motions as described on here when I completed online check in, forwarded the emails to my friend who then pointed out his middle name was Thomas and not James.

    Ive got no idea how I made that mistake, but instant panic took hold as I looked at the Ryanair terms etc and it said a name change would be £100!!

    I got in touch with Ryanair on Twitter who gave me the same number shown here and they said Id be charged an unchecked fee since I had already checked in. Anyway, I rang the number, explained the situation and asked if the middle name was required for travel. The operator said no, and so she has removed it for free!

    Ive got the email through to check in again and were Ireland-bound tomorrow! Happy days :)

  • William Stileman Apr 19, 2014

    Id like to add my thanks.

    I was travelling with a party of 5 and 3 of them all had the same first name. I put the shortened version instead of what was on their passport. Probably would have been fine anyway, but RyanAir changed it for free, and once I realised that you need to click check-in again without anyones names ticked, I had the corrected boarding passes printed off.


  • Rishi Bhalodia Apr 14, 2014

    Hi Jem,

    Thank you soo much!!! Rang them today and told them my name has been changed via deedpoll and they said thats fine it will cost £10 to amend your name. They are a little sly though as they dont tell you the name change is for a totally new person flying.

    Thanks Again! Time to enjoy the Stag do now!!! :D

    • Kev Jun 23, 2014

      Rishi. Did you present your deed poll certificate ??

  • Isabella Apr 13, 2014

    Thank you very much, you saved my life!

    • Lisa Jun 25, 2014

      Just made a booking for 29.08.14 but my booking came back with the first flight not the last flight as requested. What can I do ????

      • Jem Jun 26, 2014

        Hi Lisa, please call them asap about your complain.

  • Niki Apr 9, 2014

    Hi Jem,

    Thanks so much for posting this! I had booked flights and my friend had decided to change his surname my deed poll and not tell me (apparently I should of know this when he changed his name on twitter) . After trying to change it on line for the cost of 110.00, I found your link and as you state, I was only charged 10.00! Thanks again :)
    (NB. I had to forward a copy of the Deed Poll cert)

  • Meggan Apr 7, 2014

    Hi jem,I have booked a package holiday with on the beach,my flights are with ryan air.my husband put my maiden name instead of my married name can I go direct to ryan air for an amendment or do I go onto my on the beach account?it is costing £110 plus £60 fee for a name change with on the beach
    Thank you

    • Jem Apr 22, 2014

      Hi Meggan,

      Sorry for this late reply. I suggest you call Ryanair and tell them your concern. They should be able to advise you what best to do. I hope you get it sorted.

  • jemma Apr 3, 2014


    Me and my partner booked flights with ryanair for us and his 2 kids, We booked the flights and we have now been informed by his ex partner that one of the childrens passport names is hyphened with her surname on the end. Could we still go down the road of amendment if we are adding on a hyphened surname?


    • jemma Apr 3, 2014

      the name is Rudy smith on the booking and is Rudy Smith-Hutchison on the passport I hope this still counts as an amendment as it still the same passenger.

    • Jem Apr 5, 2014

      Yes, it is an amendment. Call or email them as soon as you can.

      All the best,


  • ANA MARIA Apr 2, 2014

    The correct name is ANA MARIA GUTIERREZ CHILLON . And the error was only in the CHILLOU plz iwant help .Can boarding. If it does not. I want a phone or a mail to correct the error is N not U
    thank so muchhhh

    • Jem Apr 5, 2014

      Hi Anna Maria, you can contact them through their website. Go to Useful Info, select Contact us then from the dropdown menu select Compliments or General Complains. Click on the Contact Form and write your concern on the comment box. This new tip is from Luis. See his comment below.

  • ANA MARIA Apr 2, 2014

    I have a spelling error in the name How can I contact to change this error.with mail or mobil
    i live in marroco and i need help now

  • gemwatsonGem Apr 2, 2014

    Thank you so much we had a name amended today by ryanair for free by following your advice! we had previously been told it would cost between £170 & £200 :O !!

  • Tina - omme i London Mar 31, 2014

    More good news!

    My dad booked a ticket and left a s out of his surname. I sent an email through complaints/compliments as suggested further up. I just received the email below in reply:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Ryanair.

    Regarding your recent correspondence, please be advised that we have noted the minor spelling mistake and the passenger is safe to fly with the current boarding card already printed.

    Yours sincerely,
    The Customer Service Team

    For and on Behalf of

    • Michael Glanville Apr 22, 2014

      Thank you so much, Ryanair. I have just had the names amended on my booking too, as I had what I think was an auto-correct spelling mistake on the surnames that I had entered. I got myself very stressed for about a week, thinking that I would have to pay the earth to get the surnames amended. But all I can say is how delighted I was when I received your email back informing me that the names had been amended. Totally restored my faith in Ryanair, although I must say that I have never had a problem with any Ryanair flight in the past and long may this continue. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  • Tina Mar 30, 2014

    Jem thank you SO much for this post. My dad missed out a letter in his name and was petrified that he would be charged £100+. Hes a very happy man and feels less of a fool! Thank you :)

  • Trina tracey Mar 26, 2014

    Hi booked two flights today and my daughter put my married name down instead of my maiden name that is on my passport and my friends name she put the wrong surname down for my friend two its an amendmend I need

    • Jem Mar 28, 2014

      Yes, Trina. You can now do it from Ryanair website.

  • Luis Mar 25, 2014

    First of all, thank you very much for this.

    Just to let you all know, best way to amend a name is simply to use Ryanairs contact form choose compliments/complaints from the drop down menu. It took me one day to get it sorted and the service was free of charge!

    • Jem Mar 25, 2014

      Thanks for the heads up Luis. I didnt know they had that facility on their website. As far as I was aware they didnt use to. Im going to update this post to reflect the new system. I see that Ryanair has revamped their website and lately, I read in the news that they vowed to improve the level of their customer service after so much complains from their passengers and their ranking was way below satisfactory. Glad to know they have finally listened.

      • Luis Apr 4, 2014

        Hey Jem, Im glad to have been of assistance. I just wanted to pay back the huge amount of help you have given me in sorting out my group booking free of charge. :)

        • Jem Apr 7, 2014

          Aw, thank you! That was sweet!

  • Dave Mar 23, 2014

    Hi, just phoned the number you listed above to change my wifes name as her passport is still in her maiden name and only got charged the £10 amendment fee.
    Cheers for the info!


  • Baiba Mar 10, 2014

    Dear Jem,

    I also have situaction that in reservation is Name and Surname, no Middle name
    Maybe You know to which number I can call if I am from Latvia?
    I there also any email?

    I hope You can help me :)

    Have a nice day!

    • Jem Mar 14, 2014

      Hi Baiba,
      Dont worry about the middle name. I dont use my middle name every time I fly with Ryan air.

  • Laura Feb 22, 2014


    I Just bought a ticket for me and a firend and unfortunately i wrote her last name (Viana) with two N (ViaNNa). I looked up at the website and they say that for minor changes (including name changes) is free if it is in the first 24 hours. But then when I try to change it they show a 110 Euro bill.

    I sent them some emails, but i dont trust on that

    I´m in Spain and im thinking on call to the 0035318121212 tomorrow morning. You think is this the best way?

    Thank you!!

    • Jem Feb 22, 2014

      Hi Laura, try giving them a call first thing tomorrow morning on that number and they will tell you what to do next. I hope you get it sorted.

      • Laura Feb 23, 2014


        I sent them some emails that night when i bought the ticket, saying I did the name mistake.. and sent the print screen saying minor errors were free, and then an other print screen where i tried to change the name and would cost 110 euros.

        i woke up early in the morning to call that number i saw here.. but i looked up in my mail box and ryanair have sent me an email telling me that they have already changed my friend name and for me to look in my mail box because they have sent a new email with the flight details, now correct. I oppened my mailbox and the email was there.. with the new and correct name!

        Thank you for making us know that is posible!!!

  • Liz Feb 19, 2014

    You just saved me £110. Amazing. Cant thank you enough.

  • Sean Feb 4, 2014

    Hi I booked flights for 4 hours ago for 4 people
    On the one name I spelt Steven like this only to find out
    It is spelt Stephen .iv looked on line it says says
    You have 24 hours grace for minor spelling mistakes
    Would this count

    • Jem Feb 6, 2014

      Call them as soon as you can. I cant speak for Ryan air as I dont work for them. But I hope you get it sorted.

  • Sarah Wright Jan 13, 2014

    Hi Jem

    You life saver :) I booked a flight for me and my friend and booked it in her maiden name in error.
    My husband found your blog and told me to call RyanAir and explain I needed a name amendment as you suggested. It worked :) Was charged a £10 admin fee but they said a name change over the phone is now £160 ( seriously how do they sleep at night) so I didnt grumble . I do have to get my friend to take a copy of her marriage cert at the airport.
    Thanks so much youre a star!!!!

    Sarah x

  • Jem Jan 12, 2014

    Hi Christina, if you still havent received the amended one, just call them again and explain. Better be sure than sorry when you get to the airport.
    All the best,

  • Christina Jan 12, 2014

    Im really worried because I called their Customer Services talked with a polite lady and she said she would send an email with the correction, and then I could reprint my boarding pass. Its been two hours and my boarding pass has the same mistake. should I wait more? I received an email but I dont know if its the one she meant because its the same Ryanair Travel Itinerary mail you get when you book your flight. Should I wait, call again or just go like that to the airport? Its a small mistake but Im worried.

  • Oskars Dec 20, 2013

    Brilliant Jem, u just saved me 110 GBP. Thx very much for that, Merry Christmas to you and Happy new year.

    • maurice Jan 7, 2014

      Have booked 2 flights for friends with Ryanair.
      I did not bother with middle names for example
      Hefin Jones
      Passport Hefin wyn Jones

      Im not expecting any problems when boarding am I right?

      • Jem Jan 8, 2014

        I do the same, Maurice. I dont use my middle name. So you shouldnt expect any problem. Have a safe flight.

  • Kostas Dec 18, 2013

    Hi, a made mistake in the route of the flight. Instead Chania Thessaloniki and back, I booked Thessaloniki Chania and back. As i tried to check in i realized that error. Is there any chance of changing the flights by no paying 120 euros? I think i have to call the UK number as in Greece there no telephone number

    • Jem Dec 21, 2013

      Are you flying soon? Call them asap and I wish you the best. As I dont work with Ryanair, I cant speak for them. It would depend on the person you are going to speak with. Lets pray for a miracle.

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