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If you could be anywhere in the world today, where would it be?

Right now, I am wishing I were standing opposite the Niagara Falls, watching admiringly the massive waterfalls, getting overwhelmed with the height, breadth and width of it, listening joyously to their mighty sound as the waters rush from the cliff, getting wet by the thick mist sent up in the air, extending my vision from where the waters come from and following the current as they create mighty waves until they become ripples flowing smoothly until as far as my eyes could see.

Niagara Falls5

It’s 25 degrees Celsius in Norwich. It’s not as hot as when I was in the Philippines in April this year but I wish I were somewhere near the fresh water. I wouldn’t want to visit Niagara Falls during winter or autumn. For me, summer is the best time to visit places like this. These are photos taken by my brother and all credits are duly rendered to him.

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