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A Knockout Encounter with Birds of Prey

Birds of prey from norfolk wild encounters

Okay, I have just gotten over the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout but when I went to see the owls and hawk from Norfolk Wild Encounters (NWE) I was knocked out.

NWE Birds of Prey graced the Grapes Hill Community Garden on 3rd of May, the morning after the fight of the century mania. I didnt have a proper sleep because I was following the boxing match on Twitter and a live reaction updates by Gareth Davies (Telegraph). Nevertheless, I didnt want to miss the birds.

I have always wanted to photograph them in the wild but never had luck because whenever I saw them I was in a running car. So this was my chance. I met 6 birds of prey, mostly owls from  NWE and they were all amazing. I was particularly fascinated with Thor the Great Grey Owl. Watch me stroking his soft fluffy feather on our video below.

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl
As the name suggests, Burrowing Owls live in the burrows underground that had been dug out by burrowing mammals. They eat small rodents, insects, birds and amphibians, and reptiles. They are native to North America. (Source: defenders.org)

Woodfords Owl

Woodfords Owl perched on a Bird stand

This is Woody, a Woodfords Owl and he is native to Africa. Woody is about 160cm. He likes to prey on insects and sometimes rodents and lizards he finds on a tree. He can snatch an insect from a vegetable without landing. His favorite habitat is the forest and the woodlands.



Of these 5 Birds of Prey, Kestrel is the only one thats native to the UK/Europe. No bigger than a dove, they can be spotted hovering along the roads. Unlike Woodfords Owls, Kestrels prefer open country, near the roads, verges and scrubland. They dont make their own nest. Instead they nest in old buildings, holes in trees and will take over old corvid nests – they re-use the same sites every year unless displaced. (Source: Hawk and Owl Trust)

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl

Prominent ear tufts, bright orange eyes, robust, Eagle Owls are one of the biggest species of owl in the world. They prey on rabbits and pheasants. (Source: BBC Nature and rspb.org.uk)

Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl

This is Thor, the great grey owl. He has got a facial disc which collects sound waves that are directed to his ears. As a result, he can locate his prey precisely under the snow up to a depth of 2 feet. His eyes have thick crystal clear lenses. He weighs about 2 lbs and is huge. (Source: Wikipedia)

So there you go, I can tick another item on my Top 10 Travel Bucket List 2015. Well, this was not the kind of bird watching I originally intended but heck it still is bird watching. I did watch hundreds of birds on my way to see the seals in Horsey but I was in the car. I wanted to photograph them but there was no place to pull over. Nevertheless, it was such an awesome sight. For a few minutes my vision was filled with birds.

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About the author: Jem loves to try new thingsas long as they dont involve risks. She has an unquenchable thirst for adventure and she loves crafting real stories of people and places she encounters on her trips.

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  • Jocelyn

    Beautiful!!! I soooo want to hang out with birds of prey. Definitely on my bucket list too 🙂

    • Jemina Sentina

      They are such a beautiful creature. Its overwhelming to get close up with them.

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