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Loch Quaich


Apparently, I cant get over my Scottish holiday yet. I must have left my heart in Scotland. From the uber exuberant Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2014 to the quick stopover at the stunning Kenmore Village, every moment was worth remembering and sharing. If I take the liberty to think that you enjoy my posts – that is!

The drive along the Scottish Highlands satiated my eyes with breathtaking views of lochs and moors and of rising hills and proportionately-figured pine trees. One of our stops was Loch Quaich. Can you say it?

Located in Glen Quaich, this loch offers a variety of activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, paddling, photographing, relaxation driving, unwinding or even just sight-seeing. Whatever your interest, you will find one that suits your fancy.  Even if it was overcast, the weather could not stop Loch Quaich from projecting its eye-catching and jaw-dropping beauty.

Well, what else can I say? Scotland is blessed!

Erratum: This was formerly referred to as Loch Quoich, which was entirely a different loch from a different location. My heartfelt thanks to Te Duane for pointing it out to me and my sincere apologies for the unintended blunder.

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  • nole

    The picture itself is worth a thousand words! I fancied myself lying on its meadow while gazing at the immaculate face of the azure sky. Youre brilliant Jemina.

    • Jem

      Kuya Nole, you are in a paradise, yourself. I wish I could visit Malaysia someday and see those paradisaical beaches. Would you like to be my travel guide? :D

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