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Did you know that London Bridge was in America?

This is the bridge called London Bridge and not what others perceive as the Tower Bridge. Once upon a time, the fate of this bridge’s predecessor was decided upon to be demolished and replaced with a new, more modern one. But instead of turning it into a heap of rubble, Ivan Luckin, who was a former journalist and PR man for the body responsible for all the city bridges during that time, intervened and sold it to an American named Robert P. McCulloch for £2M 1n 1968. McCulloch was an industrialist who some people think fit the description of “someone with more money than sense”.

London Bridge in the early morning, Havasu, Arizona, United States of America, North America

London Bridge on Lake Havasu, Arizona

Thus, the bridge was broken down brick by brick and shipped to America where it was reassembled next to Lake Havasu in Arizona. It still stands there up to this day.

It is believed McCulloch thought he was buying the Tower Bridge, a legend some Americans deny. But whether the report is true or not, who knows?


Credits and References:
Image 2: telegraph.co.uk
Robert Maguire

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