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My Favorite April Getaways

April Getaway, Thailand Songkran

Songkran Thai New Year or Water Festival

April Getaway, Thailand SongkranThe most enjoyable Thai festival for me as it also falls on the week of my birthday, Songkran, is a Thai New Year Festival where they splash or throw water to each other. April is one of the hottest months in Thailand and this event is a much-awaited one from Chiangmai to Phuket. Everyone is out on the street from morning till morning of the next day and the next day.

When I was living in Bangkok, I always celebrated my birthday either in Khaosan Road or in Silom Road. For us many of us, farangs (foreigners), Songkran is more like just a water festival but it means more than that.

This short video shows the real meaning and significance of the festival and how it is celebrated across the country.

Sagra del Carciofo  Artichoke Festival Niscemi, Sicily


Another April fest that sometimes falls on my birthday week, (Aint I a lucky girl?) the Sagra del Carciofo in Niscemi, Sicily celebrates the Artichoke season in this lovely city, where my husband happened to hail from. It must have a religious connection but all I know is that everywhere theres a smell of roasted artichoke wafting in the air from all directions. And the taste of newly harvested artichoke roasted in front of your eyes, drizzled with freshly-pressed organic olive oil and a little salt, Oh boy! is just miraviglioso. I could eat a hundred of them in one sitting.

It is also celebrated in other cities and towns across Sicily on different dates.

Keukenhof Flower Parade and Tulip Show Holland

April getaway

Nope, I havent been there yet but thats been in my next destination list for the last three or four years.

I think this year, Im going to see a local tulip plantation near Norwich.

How about you? Where is your favorite April getaway?

I would love to hear from you too.



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