My Sicilian Food Adventure and More

What to eat in Sicily

Four hours of sleep before the flight and a power walk from the airport car park to the tarmac, I was so worried we were not going to catch our plane. We parked at Zone K where we found the first available space. We had less than an hour before the check-in desk would close. Fifteen minutes had passed and there was no sign of a coach coming to the bus stop. I was panicking now. What if we miss our flight? I wouldnt be able to do any of those 30+ Things Im Going to Do When I Get to Sicily. It would be a shame, really!

The little box in the corner had been trying to catch my attention but I kept ignoring it. Finally, I yielded and pressed the button.

Box: Hello! Can I help?
Me: Hello! Uhm, Is there a coach coming to Bus Stop J & K?
Box: No, not at all! Get back to your car and go to Zone B. A coach is already waiting there.
Me: Is it open? (Obviously, it is!)
Box: Yes, it is.  Go back to your car now and park at Zone B.

Seeing we had very little time left, we dashed back into the car and piled our luggage in the boot as fast as we could. At Zone B I kept my eyes on the coach at the bus stop. When it moved away from the bus stop, I prayed like it was my last and was relieved to see it stop at the the next one. Luckily, we found a spot in between the two bus stops. We almost flew to catch it, making sure the driver would see us through the mirror. As soon as we got on board, it rolled off and never stopped again until we reached the terminal.

I dont know with my companions but my heart was pounding hard and my mouth went dry as I gasped for breath. Any minute and we could have missed the bus. The next one would have taken us to the airport terminal too late to catch our flight. I couldnt stop thanking God for our luck.

Because of those frantic moments, all of the things I listed to do became so much more exciting and meaningful as I perform them knowing I could have missed them altogether. I became more determined to fulfill all of them.

Nevertheless, the stress it caused me was going to be pacified and consoled by my food adventure.

Sicilian Gastronomia

Vegan Arancini

Arancini (small oranges) was my first favorite. It is made of rice ball shaped like an orange. I like it because its made of rice. It may be an Italian rice but at least its rice and thats all that matters when Im craving for something Asian with an Italian twist.

Ten Foods to eat in Sicily

Impanata a and Pruna

Impanata is a Sicilian rolled puff pastry filled with made with cauliflower and Pruna is a pastry filled with spinach.

These two Sicilian specialities are totally vegan lavished with cold pressed olive oil or extra virgin olive oil as others know it.

I had both of them at one sitting and the following day I had to skip breakfast and lunch.


Fresh Cottage Cheese

Mild creamy, milky, and cheesy oh so dreamy. I had one portion spread on my big loaf of bread. It satisfied not just your stomachs hunger but also my souls.


L-R: Peach, Peeled Fichi dindia, Chachi or Persimmon, Pomegranate.

Sicilian Fruits of the Loom

Being passionate about tropical fruits, I love the fact that Sicilian fruits share the same saccharinity and fullness in flavor. Their cloyingly sweet tastes and aroma capture my innermost desire with each bite I take.

I was glad to have found some Peaches at the fruit stand. Although they are a bit more expensive now, I just couldnt pass up the opportunity to munch on them. Only in Sicily do I enjoy them in their crunchiness and sweetness at the same time.

The only fruit I would exchange with the Philippine Mango, these Chachi (pronounced khaki) or persimmon have a very soft meat, it literally melts in the mouth.

More sweet than sour, Pomegranates are another kind of fruit that I never fail to feast on everytime I come to Sicily.

Never to be missed, the Fichi dIndia are such a treat. They are almost out of season in Niscemi but Im lucky there were still some in the farm. In fact, our father had picked one skip of Fichi dIndia waiting for us when we arrived in the farm.

All these talk about food, Im worried my clothes are shrinking one by one.

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