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Norwich attractions and activities

Norwich: A Fine City
My home since I migrated to the UK in 2008, Norwich is a rather quiet city in East Anglia. But this quietness doesnt mean it has nothing to boast. In fact, its the opposite. Norwich is home to a host of attractions from historical buildings and museums to gardens and broads and a lot more. Its a shame I cant talk about it with great knowledge. So for the next upcoming weeks, I will explore this city and and the whole county of Norfolk.

I bumped into my neighbour today who tipped me about the Heritage Open Days (HOD) which is held annually in September. This year it will be from September 12-15, 2013. This is the best time to visit Norwich as many places and points of interest which are normally closed to public or require entrance fees will be free to access. So I cant wait for this one. Last year 200 free events took place during the HODs. So its a crime to miss it especially for me since I have set up this travel website. For more information on this event, visit www.heritagecity.org/hods/

So what makes Norwich a fine city?

Attractions and Events

Two cathedrals, a Norman castle, and ancient city walls the three Big Cs of Norwich which are the three main attractions of the city. Not to mention a whole list of museums, art exhibitions, plays and other entertainment, there is always something to come and see in Norwich 365 days a year.


From High Street to specialists shops, Malls and a host of other independent retailers, Norwich is not just a place for adventurous trips but great for shopping spree as well.

Flying from Norwich

Despite being in a corner of the map, Norwich has got its own international airport where you can fly directly to European destinations and worldwide destinations in connection with Amsterdam.

Photo Credit: Roger Blackwell
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