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Norwich City View from St John Cathedral Tower

My legs were shaking when I reached the ground floor from the tower of St John Cathedral but it was well worth it. I had been wanting to take a panoramic view of the city of Norwich from a high vantage point and this is my chance, a tower tour of the city’s highest vantage point.

It’s the last day of Heritage Open Days and although the weather was inclement it didn’t stop me. I thought it might be a good day to take a picture. As I approached the cathedral, I crossed a bridge that allowed me to have a good view of the cathedral from the ground. But as I took the camera out I realized I had not brought the memory card.

Nevertheless, I went in and asked for a ticket to the Tower Tour. There was only one or two available spaces for the last group. I was lucky to get one of them. The tour was short but fascinating and insightful. For example, I learned that the woods used to support the roof were imported from Scandinavia. They were actually already measured, cut and assembled and then disassembled again before shipping to Norwich. So when they arrived, the builders just had to screw them back together. They used braces to connect the beams which was something new to me. I have never seen that kind of engineering technique. But I’m sorry I haven’t got photos to show because I had to save the memory for the view from the tower. Regardless, I enjoyed every bit of the tour. The guides were very nice and friendly.

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