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On Christmas day I went out shooting birds

I have always been wanting to photograph seagulls and came Christmas day, the sun showed up in favor of me. It was a freezing day and luckily not windy. Two days ago I and my friends walked through the park going to the city. The River Wensum was full of winged visitors and with a camera on hand, I took a few to practice with manual focus. Yes, I have always been dreaming of photographing birds but didnt have the right tool to do so. Now is my chance. It was below 5 degrees Celcius but I didnt mind. Its not gonna stop me.

As expected, I found the winged visitors lining up the river bank. Some of them were on the water. I thought I would take some bread with me but I forgot because of too much excitement. Nevertheless, I hoped I could take home some trophy with me.


IMG_1019 (1)

IMG_1052 (1)



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