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Photo Diary: Norwich Lord Mayors Celebration 2014

Lord Mayor's Celebration Fireworks
Fireworks photo courtesy of  Matthew Dartford. With thanks from Travelog with Jem

Lord Mayors Procession

Contrary to advertised, this years street procession didnt have many colourful floats, in fact there werent any but lorries.  I think the organisers should not announce anything that would excite the peoples interest and then not deliver. However, in fairness to those who made an effort to make the event interesting, I would like to commend them and wish them to keep it up for the years to follow.


One of the floats/lorries during the Lord Mayors Procession

acrobat tied to a balloon

An acrobat performing in midair while tied to a giant balloon

More photos and some videos to follow. Like Travelog with Jem on Facebook to see them.

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About the author: Jem loves to try new thingsas long as they dont involve risks. As a little girl, she used to daydream travelling around the world, but taking in consideration that because of poverty, it was just a pure fantasy. She was aware of the fact that it was an ambitious dream. Nevertheless, she contented herself reading books about places and learning about geography. Well, look whos globe-trotting now!

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