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Revisiting an old English village


A week after the exciting visit to London, me and my housemates were on the road again. We were going to see the two huge trees that stand side by side at the door of an old church somewhere in Gloucestershire. The satnav said that we were arriving at our destination at around 10 past 11 AM. More than two hours later, we left the main highway and continued to drive on a rather remote road. For the next hour or so, we didnt see any cars on the road and around us were fields. It felt like we were lost and the satnav kept on adding a minute or two to the time of arrival. I told myself, Well, this place doesnt seem to attract many visitors and this long, winding road is wearying me so it better be good, I kind of warned.

Stow-on-wold is one of the Cotswold villages that has been preserved as an old English village. Cotswolds are a range of hills in southwestern and west-central England. [i] It was once a very busy market-town where at one time there were more than 20,000 sheep sold in one day.

Parish of St Edward


This is what we came here forthe two trees at the door. They are huge! This church is said to have been a site of Christian worship for more than a thousand years. Wow! Well, the church is still in a very good condition and the stained glass are impressive.

Having come from a new settlement that is just about my age, I always get goosebumps when I see a building that is older than my great grandparents, like when I visited Noto and Siracusa in Sunny Sicily.



Walking around this town, I was even more impressed by what I came to see. This plaque caught my attention because of what is written on it: THE OLDEST INN IN ENGLAND (circa 947 AD). All right, so this town is really more than 1000 years old! The inn is still pretty much intact outside. Inside is empty and its closed to the public although one can see through the glass windows.

Up the road, just a  couple of houses after the Oldest Inn In England is another building with a plaque. Seems like the owner didnt want to be loser so he put up this plaque.


Some people really do know how to attract attention. :D  Next to it is a coffee shop.

Old but not forgotten


This is maybe an old town but its certainly not a sleepy one. It is as much as a tourist attraction in its own right and status. Notice the yellow supercar that is parked in the town centre. A quick visit to this town will give the visitor a lot of valuable lessons that history books cannot give.

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