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Tonys Trip: Training in New York

This is the first part of Tonys Trip series. He is on a One Year in Mission (OYiM) mission and that sends him to trips across the globe.

Tony was my student for a week and within that short period we developed a very good teacher-student friendship that extended beyond the classroom walls. Over the years, the friendship got stronger despite that fact that we have lived in different countries ever since we left the same campus in the same year. He went to America for a few years but decided to go back to the Philippines to finish his studies. I left for Bangkok and taught there for almost 7 years before migrating to the UK.

Tony is such a nice chap with a kind heart, down-to-earth personality and purpose-driven life. There is nothing unpleasant I could tell about him. He is currently busy travelling as a missionary and when I asked him to send me photos and tales of his trips he willingly obliged except the dialog part.

Nevertheless, well get the ball rolling and post his photo shootswithout him.

First off, he went to New York for the OYiM training and had Big Apple for six months. After the training, his group joined Impact South Africa before finding himself getting more jetlagged while admiring Dubai and Oman. He is still on a trip somewhere in the Philippines and his next destination is Jakarta where he will prepare the Pathfinder Camporee next year in this Indonesian capital. I wish I had his job where I could be send to places. But I cant do his job. Hes a leader, I am not. I am just coveting the travel part. :D

Anyway, thanks, Tony for sharing these photos of New York. I know you have always been busy while you were there and you dont even get enough sleep let alone take photos  for me.

New York WalksAt the moment, flight to New York from London costs around £500 so I will keep checking to find out the best time to visit this iconic city and have my bite of the Big Apple.

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