Travel Photos from Malaysia

Redang Beach

This week I was lucky to visit Malaysia through my highly-deemed friend, Nole, who unselfishly shared these photos from his trips around the country.

Mulu Cave Sarawak

Mulu Cave SarawakA zigzag road under a cave, what better way to do it? I like the fact that the cave is kept in its natural setup while making way for a development to allow easier access in and around the area.

Pangkor Island

Pangkor IslandIdyllic beach, low trees with wide branches instead of tall palm trees. This is my ideal place for relaxing and unwinding.

Redang Beach

Redang BeachTypical Malaysian beach. Clear blue water, white sand, fallen coconut tree providing a perfect shade on a hot sunny day. What else are you looking for?

Cameron Highland

Cameron HighlandFinally after a long day visiting the Mulu Caves, relaxing at Pangkor Island and frolikcing Redang Beach and you think youre ready to retire, Cameron Highlands invites you to call it a day. This beautiful rest house atop the hill offers a perfect place to end the day in a decrescendo-ed style where the final heave of sigh is released.

Many thanks, Kuya Nole for sharing your photos.

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