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A vegetarian traveller’s dilemma

vegetarian traveller's dillema

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Have you ever ordered a vegetarian meal on board? Let me guess what they gave you. An overcooked broccoli and carrots that’s been heated again they have become so soft they literally melt when you poke them with a fork. Well, if that was not your experience, it was mine, as an economy passenger. I wondered what they give to their first class and business class vegetarian passengers.

First let me put my disclaimer that I am not a vegetarian but I prefer a plant-based diet. It was not primarily because of health reasons but of my digestive issues.  And when I eventually learned why I got those issues I started to study the health implications of vegetarianism more seriously.

Nevertheless, I still have not made up my mind to go vegan strictly. One of the reasons is traveling.

If you travel halfway across the globe, expect at least three meals. It’s very easy to be constipated when on board just like what happened to me on my first long-haul flight from Manila to Heathrow. That’s because they only served polished rice, white bread, white pasta and meat. Luckily there were salads but not enough fibre to meet my body’s requirement.

When I went back to the Philippines I made sure I ordered vegetarian meal while booking the ticket with Kuwait Airways. But alas! When I got on board they told me they didn’t have vegetarian food and we were already 30,000 feet above sea level. Where could I get my food? I didn’t want to starve up there in the air so I had to eat what they got, beef or chicken. I hate to say they tasted amazing.

Next flight to the Philippines, this time with Brunei Airways and lo and behold they had vegetarian in their options . I jumped on my feet and ordered it. But when I got my tray I looked at it and was disappointed. I actually didn’t eat it at all. I was so hungry, the succeeding meals I ordered either chicken or beef–again.

Next time, I will have to bring my own pita bread, hummus, salad, tomatoes, nuts and my tissue salt tablets for indigestion and acidity problems.

Do you have dietary issues when travelling? I would like to hear it.

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  • Nortehanon September 27, 2013, 10:25 am

    Gotta bring your own “baon” then 🙂

    • Jem October 3, 2013, 6:47 pm

      Will surely do from now on. 😛

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