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Virgin Atlantic is worse than Ryanair

This was the reaction of my husband upon his return from China on board the reputable Virgin Atlantic.

He was referring to the rip off scheme used by the airline to make even more money from their passengers while on board. Despite the numerous empty seats, passengers were seated in the middle row leaving the window seats free. People requested to move seats, but they were told to wait until the seat belt sign is turned off. One passenger ignored the instruction and moved seat before the sign was turned off and he was reprimanded. Others obeyed and waited until the seatbelt sign was turned off but they were shocked when they were told they needed to pay £30. Francesco felt contemptuous and thought they were worst than Ryanair.

Ryanair, a budget airline, sells snacks on their flights, but its understandable because they are a low cost airline. They dont provide everything for the passengers. Virgin Atlantic, however, is a prestigious airline and their economy tickets cost more than other airlines flying the same route. What they are doing is holding up their passengers and taking advantage of them. This has got to stop.

If you have had the same experience with Virgin Atlantic, please let us know. Let your voice be heard and let VA know that you are not impressed with their level of customer service.

Photo credit: wikimedia.com

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