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Weird-looking Cows: Exploring my own backyard

Sometimes, you don’t need to travel far to see awesome sights. You could find interesting scenes just outside your door, in your backyard. After all, any place in the world belongs to someone’s backyard and it could be yours or mine.

Visiting a friend who lives in the country over the weekend, I thought of taking my camera. The first time I went to visit her place, I saw a fawn. That time I wasn’t photographing nor blogging about my adventures yet. I was hoping that this time I would see a deer or two in her backyard again.

Well, I saw not even a footprint or a shadow of a deer and I was hoping to see a baby horse. Well, I didn’t find one either. But what I saw chuffed me, nonetheless.

A baby calf, probably a few days old.Cute Calf

Aren’t babies so cute, whether they are animals or humans? This baby calf was on the opposite end of the enclosure. I tried to zoom him with my 18-200mm Sigma Lens but it was difficult to get him in focus because he was constantly moving while grazing. So I gave up and thought I should just soak my eyes — the best pair of lenses ever — in his beauty .

Too absorbed watching the adorable baby calf, I was suddenly taken aback when I realized there were a pair of eyes watching me as well — and they didn’t look friendly!

Mrs. Grumpy Cow didn’t look pleased at all.

Mrs. Grumpy Cow

My fight or flight mode activated and I was getting ready to run for cover but I paused for a while. There was a fence between the her and  me so I thought I should be safe. She stole my attention away from baby calf and I noticed her weird, interesting look. Heart-shaped hairline on her forehead, big fluffy ears that looked like a hairs tied up on each side of the head, well-defined snout with black hair around it. She just looked perfect!

So, I had a simple adventure just next door but before I called it a day, Mrs Sparrow called me from up the bare weeping cherry tree.
Bad Hair Day

It was such a windy day and she seemed to be having a bad hair day.

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