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El Nido Palawan, Travelog with Jem

Entrance to Small Lagoon, El Nido Palawan

Thank you for visiting Travelog with Jem (TwJ). I have set up this blog for people who love to travel and who want to travel to a place they havent been to. Here you will find photos and experiences, tips and probably advisory from travelers across the globe.

Showcase your travel photos to a wider audience

If you would like to showcase photos of your past and recent travels, whether you are a global, continental, or local traveler, you are welcome to share your stories on this site. A lot of people out there are always looking for new places to visit without the hypes of travel industries. At TwJ, you can reach a much wider audience far beyond your sphere of influence.

Promote your local events

Do you want to put your local city or community on the map? If you have got an exciting event coming up, you can promote it here. If you are the organizer of the event, reach more people by joining TwJ.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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