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Wells-next-the-Sea: a side trip I wish I had not made


The bus rolled slowly as it passed by the bay en route to Hunstanton a.k.a Sunny Hunny. The site of the boats piqued my curiosity and realizing the bus was stopping to pick up passengers, I  grabbed my camera bag, the tripod, and quickly got off. It was almost noon and my stomach needed some filling up. I fancied some chips but the restaurant selling them was still closed so I went next door and settled for a panini and vegetable samosa.1-IMG_7481Standing from the side of the road, I saw people walking up on an elevated path and I followed suite. Facing the village, I had the seaside on my left and a grassy field to the right.  The warm breeze was dictating that I walk the whole length to see what the end of it was, but my time was running out and I needed to catch the next bus to my main destination.Wells-next-the-seaSeeing I had only a few minutes left I ran-walked to get back to the bus stop as fast as I could but the scene before me was just too impossible to ignore. I heard the noise of a seagull and when I turned to look I saw a black bird with fish struggling in its beak. The seagull stood by undeniably coveting it but the black bird couldnt be outdone. I watched in awe as it gulped the fish, almost the size of its head, all at once. What a scene it was! Oh! Did I mention I missed my bus after that?

With another half an hour to stay, I walked on the pier connected to the road and this starling posed in front of me.1-IMG_7550 I wanted to stay longer and explore the whole village but I didnt have enough time. My heart was waiting for me in Sunny Hunny. I was not satisfied to my hearts content and it made me want to come back. Thus, I wish I had not made this side trip, but Im glad I did.

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