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Why this lens is a sore to my eyes post image

Why this lens is a sore to my eyes

I went to Norwich Cathedral to photograph some war memorials with Robert Maguire, my editorial consultant. While walking in one of the cloisters, I spotted a perspective where the spire  was sort of enclosed in a decorative window. As I positioned myself to take a shot, a man and a woman came and stood close by taking photos of the same subject as mine, well at least thats what I thought. Their lenses didnt escape my attention, Canon 400mm. Somewhat irritated at the [unsubstantiated] insinuation, I walked away, and as soon as I had gained some distance, I whispered to Robert that I hate their lenses.

Turnstone bird photographed in Sheringham

Turnstone bird photographed in Sheringham

This wasnt the first time I felt embarrassed with my kit. When I went to Sheringham last spring, I almost wanted to bury my camera in the sand when a man with a 600mm lens approached while I was focusing on a turnstone bird. There were other birds on the shore, and it was a long shore. I couldnt understand why he didnt go somewhere else, or at least waited until I had finished. Why get near me and photograph the same bird? To show off his massive lens? Well, it looks ugly, to be honest!

As Robert and I walked to the back of the cathedral to see Edith Cavells grave, I saw the  man and the woman with the 400mm lenses again! There were other people there, all with ugly lenses and looking up at the spire. Only then did I realize that they were photographing the Norwich Peregrines, who came to breed at the nest prepared by the Hawk and Owl Trust, on top of the Norwich Cathedral spire. Jealousy gripped me one more time as I recalled how poor the photos of the falcon looked, which I took with my lens. As if to add insult to the injury, another photographer came, and he had a massive 600mm lens. They are getting uglier!

Unable to contain my jealousy anymore, I begged Robert we leave the place at once. We walked over to the tent where the Trust set up about five or six telescopes for people to watch the male falcon. The female and the chicks were in the nest and they could only be seen through the trusts websites live streaming. I peeked through one of the telescopes and couldnt contain my admiration at the bird. He looked so beautiful. As much as I wanted to  photograph him, my lens isnt good enough.

I really wish I could have one of these birding lenses, but they are too expensive. The 400mm ones cost around a thousand pounds, while the 600mm ones are £10,000. Yes, thats how expensive they are and thats why I call them ugly! They are a sore to my eyes.

Photo credit: Canon EF 500mm f4L IS USM by Mdf Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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