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Barefoot Ziplining Adventure in Palawanon a Dress


There are three ziplines in Palawan, all within Puerto Princesa City boundaries: the Palawan Rancho Zipline, Sabang X Zipline and Irawan Canopy Zipline but because of time constrain, I only managed to go to one.

Palawan Rancho Zipline

I and my friends found ourselves at a ranch turned tourist spot on top of a hill in Puerto Princesa city after detouring from Butterfly Garden which was closed.

Palawan Rancho is the rest house of the Mitras, a political figure in the province.  From the gate, it looked almost like abandoned but once we got to the top we found more tour vans and tricyles. At least I was relieved we were not the lone visitors. We scattered our gaze on the green scenery below us. Although it was a hot April day, Puerto Princesa is still so much of a city in a forest. While I was taking a panoramic shot, the little guy in our group was chomping at his sight of a volcano and grabbed his mothers camera to take a photo of his favorite subject. Unaware of a volcano in that area, I lowered my camera to scan the view before me. I only saw trees, coconut trees, sea and islands,  and a silhouette of a mountain range in the distance. I completely forgot, my guest is obsessed with volcanoes and he must have thought the mountain was a volcano or something.

A ranch is not a ranch if there are no horses. So to keep up the name, Palawan Rancho has kept one of their many horses to offer visitors a photo taking on a horse ridewith a fee of course. The little guy was very much happy to go on it. But I was up to something else more adventurousthe zipline. I pretended to myself that I was not really into it but when I saw the entrance I was unable to resist, I lead the way.

I was just going to check out. I inquired. I got offered. I thought for a moment. There was just one little problem I was wearing a dress and a pair of slippers! I thought, Im already here. Do I really wanna come back to this seemingly isolated hilltop? What if I wont get another chance before I head back to Manila? Its now or never. I took out a 500-peso bill and when the receptionist asked where I lived I said I live in the province. He said I was only going to pay 400 if I had an ID to prove it. Good thing I still had a Philippine passport which clearly showed my birth placePalawan.


Now the dress. Before being harnessed, I was so happy to find a pair of shorts in my bag. The slippers. I could go ziplining barefooted.  Who cares? Now Im fastened to the cable and the sight of the distance to the next station 300 meters away was chickening me out. I was shouting to my guide to not let me go that I didnt wanna do it and was already trembling with fear. But he encouraged me and told me everything I needed to know. I still wasnt convinced I wanted to do it. I wanted to quit! Again he told me it was going to be fun and before I could say another word he let me go. Wheeew!! Woooo hoooo!! It was so much fun indeed. I was shouting at the top of my lungs, Im flying! Im flying! I really felt like a bird. So free and exhilarating! The second and third stations proved easy enough. In fact I was so excited I wanted to GO before they even strap me to the cable! Luckily they have bars and safety measures, one can rest assured she is out of danger in case she makes a wrong judgment.

is about 600 meters long that is divided in three stations. From jump off area to the second station is 300 meters long. The second and third stations are 150 meters each. From the second station, I had to go up the steps to get to the top and have a vista of the city. This last line, I was told to hang upside down which was so exhilarating, even more so because I was barefooted.

Entrance Fee: Free
Zipline Fee: Php500.00
Palawenos get a 20% discount upon showing of valid ID

After this zipline experience, I dont think too much of cable cars anymore. Suddenly it became boring to me. But who knows, I might go on it when I get a chance to visit Switzerland. Im sure cable cars and ziplines are two different things.

How to get there:

From the city, take a tricyle to Mitra Ranch and a trip costs 50 pesos.

Irawan Canopy Zipline

Just a few kilometers from the city center of Puerto Princesa lies Irawan Eco Park in a 3,000 hectares forest. The zipline is 1.3 km long and is one of the longest in Asia. After the zipline you can then experience a sky walk over a canopy of rain forest, overlooking a panoramic view of the city.

How to get there:

Take a multi-cab from the city going to Irawan and per passenger is 12 pesos.

Sabang X Zipline

Another extreme adventure awaits at Sabang with their 800 meter zipline across the sea to an island. How does that sound? I wish I had known about this when I took my husband and his sister to the Underground River in 2011. But no one has told me about it so I will definitely go for this one on my next home visit.

How to get there:

From Puerto Princesa city, take a shuttle going to Sabang or Underground River. Cost per passenger is 350 pesos.

You can do all three or choose the one that best suits your interest.


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  • Gareth June 19, 2015, 5:29 pm

    theres a fourth zipline, also near Sabang. Its the Ugong Rock zipline and is a great adventure!

    • Jemina Sentina June 19, 2015, 8:14 pm

      Hi Gareth, thanks for info. I will definitely go for it the next time I fly back to the Philippines.

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